Paolo Fabrizio
April 5, 2022

What Are Your Customer Relationship Values?

What Are Your Customer Relationship Values

Before you may think about money or ROI reading this title, let me set the record straight. I’m going to walk you to the next level which at first sight may seem less tangible, but it’s exactly the opposite. I’m talking about the link between your company culture and customer relationship values. Are you curious? Let’s dive into this priceless connection that the smartest organizations are able to leverage when interacting with their customers.

About Your Family Purpose

Organizations are made of people with their own personalities and feelings. Regardless of the number of employees, why are only some of them cohesive? If you scratch on their ‘teamwork’ label, what’s the secret sauce? The winning companies are groups of people who are essentially communities because they’re united by the same purpose. They have simple, clear values that they live and breathe every day. Moreover, the added value of sharing the same purpose is that people feel more motivated and that has a positive reflection both on internal (peers) and external (customers) communication.

A company can embody purpose in a number of ways. Purpose-driven companies have a stated and measured reason for being a mission that all employees know. They have a strong inner bond that drives employees, especially in three top areas:

  • Culture and values
  • Mission and vision
  • Products and services

Purpose brings profits as connecting employees with purpose brings measurable business impact. Research by the E.Y. Beacon Institute and Harvard Business School shows that companies that lead with purpose are more likely to be profitable.

lead by purpose

About Customer Perceptions

‘I thought that…’ or ‘I expected that…’ are tricky assumptions and when dealing with customers they become slippery as ice. That happens if you listen too much to yourself and your tribe (aka your organization) without paying enough attention to what’s happening outside the building. As a consequence, one of the most frequent pain points is the gap between a company’s core values and customers’ perception of them.

Such a misalignment is really dangerous as it is often being underestimated – or even ignored by companies – until it’s too late, e.g. when customer churn rising and/or new business figures get worse. In fact, a recent study by Redpoint Global and Harris has highlighted the mismatch between brands and customers’ perceptions. The research has shown that most companies are missing the mark on what consumers want, focusing on product and price as opposed to genuinely understanding the needs of customers.

CX gap

Now, think about your organization: have you set clear core values ands shared them? Are all of your colleagues driven by a common purpose? To get you inspired about this topic here are 3 moments when my values turned out to be winning.

Over To You

As in this decade, we’re all dealing with the unexpected, be ready and willing to face ever-changing scenarios. The only golden nugget that increases its value is customer relationship, so consolidate your company values making sure that your peers live and breathe them every single day. Last but not least, check up on how your customers perceive them so that you can timely take action on any misalignment root cause.

Have great conversations.

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