Daniel Newman

The Importance of Customer Experience in Social Media

Did you know that according to a study performed by Maritz and Evolve 24 that more than 70 percent of customer-service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered? That’s right, ignored. Either blatantly or by mere ignorance and neglect of the company, customers are ignored and when that happens it has a snowball effect that many…

Jenn Herman

5 Tips for Sharing Ideal Images on Instagram

best images on instagram

This is the sixth post in a 12 month series on the use of Instagram for businesses. In this series on Instagram, I’ve been giving you tips to use Instagram successfully for your business. Of course, Instagram is really all about photos so you can’t really use Instagram effectively if you’re not sharing the best images. In this…

Jennifer Olney

Does Your Web Presence Make You Stand Out?

Today, the internet is crowded with “authentic” and “original” individuals and brands. The word “authentic” has been used so much that it has become a cliché’. Everyone is striving to be original, different and “unique”. Everyone, or so it seems is using every tool and trick to be seen or heard. So with everyone focused…

Jan Gordon

Brands Need To Get Content Right

Michael Brito has given us permission to re-publish some of his work. The first piece I’ve selected may be over 4 months old, but it is as relevant and fresh as anything you are likely to find on the web, imparting so much information, it is ‘one to bookmark’. The urgency of this piece can…

Sarah Arrow

Content Curation: Your Blog Post Recipe

Curating a great blog post is like creating recipe for your favorite dish. If you leave something out, intentionally or accidentally, the result will be different. In some incidences you’ll discover an entirely new dish, and in others you’ll just throw it in the bin and start again. Now, I’m going to share the ingredients…

Karen Dietz

My 29 Favorite Storytelling Quotes for Business

The following are some of my all-time favorite quotes on storytelling – many of which I use in my business. Review these quotes and think about the nature of stories/storytelling, the impact of stories in business, their connection to with marketing & branding efforts, their sense-making qualities, community building, and the social nature of sharing…

Albert Qian

10 Things You Should Always Do on Social Media

Use Twitter to deliver value

In the world of social media best practices, there are always a plethora of articles on what practictioners shouldn’t do. This therefore assumes that somehow those who participate in the social graph for business reasons know what they should do, and that isn’t always the case. We all know that spamming is borderline illegal in social media. People also…

Greg Hickman

How To Create A Mobile Strategy that works

Your mobile marketing will only be successful when aligned with your business/marketing goals. Let’s discuss what makes a mobile strategy that will be successful. Having A Strategy Successful mobile programs tie directly to marketing objectives which align with your business goals. Most businesses that fail with mobile go off and create separate goals for the…

Karen Dietz

Be Remarkable with These Surefire Tips for Personal Branding

Several times this week the topic of personal branding has come up in my coaching groups, association meetings, and workshops. People were frustrated, mystified, and cranky about the whole process. Everyone knows it’s critical to do, yet there was also lots of confusion about how to get started or do it well.  So here I…

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