Jenn Herman
June 25, 2014

5 Tips for Sharing Ideal Images on Instagram

best images on instagram

This is the sixth post in a 12 month series on the use of Instagram for businesses.

In this series on Instagram, I’ve been giving you tips to use Instagram successfully for your business. Of course, Instagram is really all about photos so you can’t really use Instagram effectively if you’re not sharing the best images. In this post, I am going to show you 5 ways to share ideal images on Instagram.

Use Filters to Enhance Images

One of the most appealing aspects of Instagram is the ability to add filters to images to create different effects. Filters can instantly change the mood or atmosphere of your images. Taking good advantage of the right filters can drastically increase the effect your image will have on those who see it.

Filters can easily alter your images to reflect your branding. If you’re a more modern brand, select filters that bring out vibrant colors (Lo-Fi for example). If your brand is more retro or vintage, using filters that add an antique look (like Earlybird or Brannan) can evoke the ideal tone in your images.


Because Instagram is so image centric, colors play a big role in the visual appeal. Some profiles use high-intensity colors, some brands use more muted colors, and other accounts use black and white images. Either way, the colors chosen are done so to magnify the brand and the products.

For example, if you are a business that deals with food or floral arrangements, you would generally want to focus on bright, intense colors. These will make your products really stand out and display their full color spectrum which will make them more appealing to customers.

In contrast, architecture and scenic images often translate very well in black and white. An Instagram user that makes great use of black and white images is @mr007.


The perspective of an image can also have a drastic effect on the reaction to an image. Getting down low, getting up above, shooting images from the side – all of these can change the perspective of the image. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your content and try shooting photos from a different perspective.

The Nike accounts on Instagram do a good job of incorporating unique perspectives in their images. You can check out the Nike Golf account to see how they vary their images and how they create different reactions in the viewer.

Angles and Lines

One of the most appreciated artistic tactics on Instagram is the good use of angles and lines. Images that display a vanishing point or perspective of distance along linear angles always perform really well on Instagram.

Landscapes, horizons, city scapes, and similar contexts translate well to these angles. But you can still find ways to incorporate angles and lines into your everyday images. Photograph your product on a table or shelf that has natural lines built into it. Or stagger multiple items in a line to create the illusion of linear context.

Certain companies also have inherent abilities to incorporate angles and lines: flooring companies, for example (like Todd’s Hardwood Flooring), work with linear and sharp angled products which can be easily showcased on Instagram. If you have a product or environment with lots of lines, make sure to incorporate these into your photos on Instagram.

Organic Images

One of the best and most powerful ways to connect with your Instagram audience (and even outside Instagram) is to use organic images. By this, I mean, images that look natural, native, or less “staged” than traditional marketing content.

For example, if you were promoting a new necklace from your collection, don’t just photograph the necklace on a table or in the box. Instead, put the necklace on a real person, wearing a complimentary outfit, and take the photo in an attractive setting. Maybe in a park, in a restaurant, or even in a car…

You see, I said, you don’t want it to look “staged” but in all reality, these images are highly staged. But it looks natural and the viewer can imagine the necklace in an environment that they connect with – which makes them want to buy it more!

Find environments, settings, and surroundings that support your ideal customer and their lifestyle. Take your images within these settings to connect quickly and effectively with your audience and customers.


When it comes to photography, and Instagram, there are so many ways you can convey a single item. Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters, color palettes, perspectives, angles, and settings to find what works best for you and for your audience.

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