Susan Gilbert

How Professional Editing Brings You More Readers

The goal of writing your business book is most likely to build influence; as well as, educate your brand audience. After formulating a solid outline and completed manuscript the next step is fine tuning through copy editing. In order to protect your reputation and produce the best work possible it is well worth the investment…

Susan Gilbert

Reach More Customers With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a growing trend for both large and small businesses in an online world where it is becoming increasingly important to establish credibility. According to an article on Simply Measured, only 33 percent of consumers trust advertisements. The biggest factor in making a decision is based on trusted recommendations from peers. The content…

Daniel Newman

Customer Relationships: The Key to Small Business Success

One of the key ways a small business can both differentiate themselves and also gain a competitive advantage over bigger businesses is relatively simple—providing great customer service. And that doesn’t have to be complicated. The reality is that what customers want is pretty simple: They want to be heard, they want their issues understood, and…

Susan Gilbert

Budget Friendly Methods to Attract More Visitors

Your business may have a great landing page and stellar content, but without an audience no one will get the word out about your brand. Paying for website traffic is one way to attract leads, but there are other budget friendly methods available. According to Kissmetrics, one of the biggest drivers that attracts visitors is…

Susan Gilbert

Excel with These Visual Marketing Strategies

As online marketing has evolved over the last few years, visual content has quickly risen to the top for attracting an audience and selling products. You can greatly improve your business’s bottom line through professional images, infographics, and video. According to a recent article on Buffer, engagement increases with content that includes an eye-catching image…

Susan Gilbert

How Lead Scoring Can Qualify Potential Clients for More Sales

Your business may have a large number of leads in your database, but many of these prospects may be a hard sell without the right research. This is where lead scoring comes in, which helps you better determine more precisely a potential buyer’s interest. Marketo puts it this way: “Leads are scored based on interest…

Jan Gordon

Curatti Best Articles of 2015 – Part 2

2015 has been and gone, and we now welcome 2016 into our lives. May it be the best year yet for you and yours. Once again, we’d like to offer a big thank you to all of our readers and advocates. And of course, we’d like to thank our great writers, who make Curatti what…

Bryan Goodwin

Who Controls Your Narrative?

Social Media allows for you to control your story

  Who controls your narrative? Odd question to ask a business, I agree. Yet most business owners would say that either they or their CEO is the voice of their company. It is true that up to 10 years ago, business owners controlled their own story. They controlled the image of their business and could…

Deborah Tutnauer

Sales Pitches Don’t Sell


Sales pitches don’t sell, but authenticity, leadership and service do. How you create that shift within your business and your mind will determine the results you experience in the coming years. The internet and the world of social selling have changed the face of what “selling” looks like, most likely forever. Selling might well be…

Deborah Tutnauer

Selling with Integrity – Learn to Love Avatars

Selling with Integrity requires knowing your audience intimately. Taking the time to meet your avatar inside their own minds allows you to be a problem solver for them – a trusted adviser – a go-to solution provider. You offer the most awesome product/service in your sphere! Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back! Be happy! I…

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