Susan Gilbert
March 7, 2016

Reach More Customers With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a growing trend for both large and small businesses in an online world where it is becoming increasingly important to establish credibility. According to an article on Simply Measured, only 33 percent of consumers trust advertisements. The biggest factor in making a decision is based on trusted recommendations from peers.

The content marketing company, Contently, refers to influencer marketing as “the gift that keeps on giving,” which they show in this graphic:


A purchase that is based on trust not only saves on your business budget, but can increase your ROI from repeat purchases. This is seen especially on social media and from blogs that have a strong audience.

Connecting with the right people and brands in your industry can help establish your business as a leading authority. These influencers are able to reach the audience that you desire because their community is active, strong, and engaged.

Just one trusted recommendation can bring in numerous sales for your business, and act as an all-in-one advertisement. This is more likely to be shared online especially when a high-level influencer personally vouches for your company.

In order to connect with the right people and brands in your market your business can start applying these strategies today:

Begin with a narrow focus – As your business begins to communicate with influencers focus on a specific topic or niche and start building there. You can find these people on places like industry blogs, social media groups, LinkedIn, and question and answer websites. By creating meaningful conversation and feedback they will begin to view your company as a professional and reliable connection.

Know where your community is most active – Depending on your industry you will want to engage in the social networks that your audience is involved in the most. For example, a retail business can find high-level connections on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. A B2B may be able to find that the businesses they serve are active on YouTube, Twitter, and Google Plus. Take the time to research where the action is and who is engaging there.

Showcase other influencers in your niche – After establishing a relationship with an influencer reach out to them for a podcast or blog interview. If this is not an option you can always reference them in a well-crafted article while giving mention to them on social media. Chances are they will take notice and share your post with their readers, which opens the door for more opportunities with them later.

The key to a winning marketing strategy this year is for your business to build authentic relationships with those who have a strong influence over your potential customers. Keep track of the latest trends such as video, social causes, and growing social networks like Snapchat and Instagram. By staying active and engaged you can grow a trusted community and establish your business as an authority in your market.

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