Susan Gilbert
February 1, 2016

Budget Friendly Methods to Attract More Visitors

Your business may have a great landing page and stellar content, but without an audience no one will get the word out about your brand. Paying for website traffic is one way to attract leads, but there are other budget friendly methods available.

According to Kissmetrics, one of the biggest drivers that attracts visitors is social media, with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as the top contenders:












As a business your bottom line depends on website subscribers who can become your loyal brand ambassadors. Here are a few tips you can use to leverage social media and other online resources to grow your online audience and sales.

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram – Now that Instagram has fully launched its advertising program to all businesses you can take full of advantage of all the features this has to offer in addition to creating Facebook ads a the same time. Your brand can include images, video, or a series of images. This allows for targeting specific users in your niche, and appealing to their needs and desires. If you have a Facebook Page then setting up ads for both platforms is simple to do as explained here on their Getting Started link.


As you include your website links you can use Facebook Pixel to track your conversions, which helps you build your audience.


Optimize your YouTube channel – This network is still at the top list of websites that people turn to for entertainment, information, pressing questions, tutorials, ect. By establishing a professional channel with high-quality videos your business can take advantage of the millions of visitors who come to YouTube on their computers and smart devices. The title, description, and tags should all relate to your target market, and should include playlist categories that your audience will be drawn to like this example from beauty retailer, Sephora, who shares advice and techniques that viewers love:


Take advantage of Twitter’s business features – There are several ways you can tap into great features on this growing social network and drive more traffic to your website. Twitter Ads is one way to get more visibility, which allows you to target a specific audience based on keywords in their tweets. This is a great place to connect with your community, and as Twitter points out, builds trust as they take action on your tweets:


Other features on this social network include Twitter Cards, which can be installed directly through your website to enhance your content, and Tailored Audiences, which creates targeted campaigns from the web and on mobile apps.

Pinterest as a sales and website traffic generatorPinterest for Business has come a long way since it began in 2010 as a prototype, and now includes a rollout of Buyable Pins that allow users to make a purchase right from their mobile device. The longevity of Pins and ability to include website and blog post post links puts this social network at an advantage for businesses who need to build more visibility online. Their integrated analytics tools helps you track your traffic and discovers which pins are performing the best. One great example is from Walgreens, who successfully tripled their referral traffic:


As your business takes advantage of these social media giants and their features for brands you can expect to start seeing a steady climb in website subscribers. Other techniques can include interacting in professional lists, groups, live streaming events and chats to attract a wider audience. If you have a new product or book contests and promotions will also help draw more attention to your website.

Engagement with your community and consistency is the key to success whether your business is choosing advertising or making regular tweets and posts on social media. By connecting with the right influencers both online and offline you can also establish credibility, especially as you share their ideas and content with your audience.

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