Susan Gilbert
April 18, 2016

How Professional Editing Brings You More Readers

The goal of writing your business book is most likely to build influence; as well as, educate your brand audience. After formulating a solid outline and completed manuscript the next step is fine tuning through copy editing. In order to protect your reputation and produce the best work possible it is well worth the investment to hire a professional.  An impartial review can help bring your work to the next level and improve your book sales.

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Having a good editor in place should be seen as another important member of your team and brand building process. The more your business cooperates with their services the faster and better the experience for the both of you.

Well written and correctly edited copy has the ability to attract a reader’s attention and convey your message in a professional way. Media strategist, Ryan Holiday, points out in an article on Huffington Post that, “professional editing is essential for self-published authors because it’s the easiest way to separate the professionals from the amateurs.” He uses “Choose Yourself” author, James Altucher, as an example, whose book became a bestseller online and sold over 44,000 copies.

James Altucher is successful entrepreneur and author of 17 books.

James Altucher is successful entrepreneur and author of 17 books. Photo courtesy

If your business is not already working with a publisher then your aim will be the self-published route, which does not include an in-house editor. In order to attract the media and top book publishers it’s important to make sure your work is polished before sending it to an agent. A good editor will help you learn about both the weaknesses and strengths in your manuscript, which includes their objective opinions and corrections. A finished manuscript from a skilled professional is going to increase your chances of your title being read and opens the door of opportunity such as speaking engagements and connections with influencers.

Hiring a professional editor does not have to break the bank, and can be as low as $500 to start with prices going up to a few thousand of dollars depending on their level of expertise and bestseller titles under their belt. A full list of freelance editors can be found through the EFA or Editorial Freelancers Association here.

There can be low-cost editors out there who may erroneously guarantee your book is placed on the best-seller list or that their offer is only for a limited time. Always seek those with credentials and professional references who do not accept kick-backs from agents.

Once your business is ready to begin the process of editing your book an editor may first conduct a thorough assessment and then provide insights on your structure, style, audience appeal, and of course basic editing corrections such as grammar and structure. This process will help your work become more marketable and stand out from thousands of poorly edited books available online.

A professional editor can help you better project your brand message in a way that can be helpful for your forthcoming projects. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in developing your idea, and a stellar finished product will grow your audience and establish your business as a leading authority in your niche.

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