Susan Gilbert
August 15, 2016

Convert Your Social Media Connections Into Sales

Is your business generating enough sales from your social media efforts?

Would you like to turn your website subscribers into loyal customers?

According to Statista, by 2018 there will be approximately 2.67 billion people who use social media worldwide.


When it comes to building your business through social media, your blog is your greatest asset. With additional emerging trends such as mobile usage and live video, you can get a lot more leverage than even just five years ago, when RSS subscriptions and Google ranking were of more importance.

With the right strategy and remarkable, original content, your message can easily be shared on social media. When your articles resonate with your audience word of mouth can spread very quickly.

In an infographic by Sales for Life, it was noted that “tightly aligned” marketing strategies for B2Bs meant a faster revenue growth by 24% and a 27% faster profit in three years:


There are several ways your business can create articles that stand out from the rest and meet the needs of your social audience:

Encourage social sharing on your blog

Increase the chances of your readers sharing your blog posts, by adding easy-to-use and prominent social sharing buttons. There are several top WordPress plugins in particular that can help you along with this including Shareaholic, AddThis,and Sumome, to name just a few. Curatti is one of several blogs which uses Social Warfare (affiliate link) for social sharing.  You should also implement a commenting system connected to Facebook or Google Plus, such as Disqus.

Schedule your content throughout the day

It’s important to know  when your target market is online, and which social networks they are most active in. Next, choose a good scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to tweet and post your articles throughout the day. This will help build more website traffic, build your fans and follower base, and increase your lead conversions.

Use catchy and clear headlines

The first thing people see is what your article is about, especially on mobile. Generate a few different versions first before you publish, to see which ones would stand out the most and grab the reader’s attention quickly. Numbers, questions and emotional appeals work best. And if you are unsure, here are a few ideas from Twelveskip:


Have a mobile responsive website

It is more important than ever to have a website that is optimized for mobile. Most readers will either stay or leave after only 3 to 5 seconds. Include eye-catching graphics and videos which can draw in more interest. Resources such as Canva, Depositphotos, and Pixabay are just a few you can start tapping into for free, high-quality graphics, that your social audience will want to share. Will you post in Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram? Keep in mind how your images will appear in your preferred networks.

Social bookmarking is still important

Websites like Reddit, DIGG and Stumbleupon, have maintained a strong following of active users despite the many changes to both SEO and social media algorithms over the last few years. By thoughtfully cross-submitting your articles, you can attract more readers and shares, as these services allow you to target specific interests like this example here:


Stellar content will always win over with your audience, and this will help your business stand out on social media. By testing, measuring and optimizing your blog posts and marketing strategy, you can improve your conversions and be ready for emerging trends such as live streaming and mobile app usage.

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