Susan Gilbert
November 1, 2016

Build More Sales Through Promoting Brand Benefits

Brand USP and benefits

Is your business focused more on your product or service features than the benefits these can provide for your prospects?

Are you attracting subscribers yet not converting these into sales?

Imagine that you are a customer inside a retail store interested in purchasing an appliance. The sales associate goes over all of the bells and whistles and functionality — something you’ve probably seen already online. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Chances are you will go home and make a purchase elsewhere.

Now turn this around by placing the customer in the driver’s seat. You show them what the appliance can do and how this can benefit them at home. Who doesn’t love a Vitamix demonstration, right? According an article on Bloomberg, the famous blender company sells thousands of units at stores like Costco through taste-testing product demonstrations. This not only shows the value of their blenders, but what they can do for their target market who are often men and women with busy lifestyles, such as working parents who are raising children.

vitamixPhoto courtesy Mike Mozart, Flickr

Demonstrate Benefits

While traditional stores are focused on selling the features, Vitamix has been profiting by demonstrating the benefits of its products. They approach their target market in a real and helpful approach. And this has been their most powerful tool for decades – one that businesses can learn from.

Once you are able to successfully show people how you can meet their needs and desires, the interest in features will be naturally requested later. Especially if this is something they are not currently getting from the competition! There are several ways you can reach your prospects either online or offline:

  • Webinars that provide useful information that are not just a sales pitch
  • Exclusive company events where you can demonstrate your products or services
  • Product contests and giveaways that potential buyers can try out before a full release
  • A video series of how to use a product or service
  • Demonstrations through social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat


What makes your brand unique?

The bottom line is that your potential customers want to know how your brand or products can benefit them and solve their problems without having to ask too many questions upfront.

It’s not too difficult to set your business apart from what others are doing in your industry. You just need to discover your Unique Selling Proposition or USP first. Next develop your approach with a specific audience in mind.

The first step in this process is to do your research and find out exactly what your customers’ needs are, in order to provide a solution that the competition is not offering them. This should not only be the main focal point of your branding and website, but delivered through your marketing campaigns.

Campaigns are most effective through storytelling and video – like this example from Zipcar, which offers flexible car rental options for those who don’t want the expense of owning a vehicle:


It’s important to focus on the unique personality of your brand in order to be successful. Determine how your business or name can stand out from the rest and appeal to your audience on their level. Bestselling author and blogger, Seth Godin, is a great example of this:


Beyond the Purchase

Social media has created a culture of authenticity and awareness driven by human connections. Once you fully understand your target market, you can better reach them by providing helpful, entertaining, and informative demonstrations that they will want to engage with. As you appeal to their emotions, you can build trust and a greater awareness for your brand.

Marketing and advertising goes well beyond the brand message and instead speaks to the core of your community’s lifestyle by making their purchase decisions easy and effortless. Once your prospects know how you can create a great experience for them, your product and service features will present themselves.


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