Susan Gilbert
January 18, 2016

Positive Thinking Is the Key to a Successful Marketing Plan

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

In 2015 did your marketing strategy turn out the way you had planned?

Don’t allow failures or not meeting all of your goals discourage you. The beauty of a new year is that you can begin a fresh strategy, learn from your mistakes, and accomplish more than ever before. Having a positive outlook will help protect you from not wanting to move forward out of despair when something didn’t hit the mark. The right mindset and planning ahead can help you achieve your goals.

There’s no magic formula that can help you become more productive, but rather it takes focus, action, perseverance, and planning. This moves your business from “wishing” to an “I can do this” attitude instead.

Steve Olenski points on in an article on Forbes that, “Many Americans believe working harder is the answer. But the truth is that to increase your productivity, you actually may actually need to cut back on some things in your life.”

As your business looks back at your current patterns such as the time it takes to respond to emails, social media and blog interactions, calendar management, etc. you will be able to recognize the areas that can be made more efficient through delegation, elimination, useful tools, or better planning. The more important things such as building up your business will start to stand out and bring more success to your marketing.

A positive action plan will also affect your mindset and help you to produce more with better results. If possible begin to work with a team to share your ideas or find a mentor or trusted resource who can provide insights into a winning strategy.

If you want to read a great and detailed article from the Positive Psychology blog, click the following link:

19 Most Practical Positive Psychology Worksheets, Activities and Techniques

Your vision is unique, and each goal should be mapped out as you write out exactly how you would like to see it unfold while being open to change as situations arise. Pay attention to the newest trends in your industry and what the competition is successfully doing with your own branded approach.

There are four steps your business can take today to have more focus and positive thinking in your marketing plan:

Take time to reflect

Before the day of client emails, solving problems, and accomplishing tasks begins set aside a few minutes to visualize what you want to achieve. When plans change you will be able to look back on your original goals, and be better able to make decisions to help keep you move forward. As you do this avoid taking on too much at once, and instead assign tasks or finish one course of action before moving onto the next one.

Move forward from mistakes

No day or week is perfect, and mistakes are bound to happen. It’s how we handle them that counts. Even with the best marketing plan we need to remember that people are driving the activity and conversations. These moments are a great opportunity for growth and showing the transparency of your brand. Here’s a great example from Domino’s® Pizza, who made a humorous video based on customer complaints about their pizza before making a big change in their ingredients:

Keep tabs on your workday

Our schedules can get out of hand very quickly, especially as we manage social media, new clients, technical issues, and so on. Make room to take a time out to regroup and focus on what matters the most. There are productivity and time management tools that can also help you harness your day, and help alleviate stress.

Commit to being open to change

As the Internet and online marketing continue to evolve business needs to transform along with it in order to stay current and relevant. It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine that has worked for a while, but these tried and true methods won’t always stay at the top of the game. Be ready to adapt by staying plugged in to the latest trends, and tracking new strategies such as live streaming to help your business stay at the top of your industry.

A positive focus and plan will move you forward into the vision that you have for your company in 2016. These action steps will help adjust your perspective without becoming overwhelmed or stagnant in your growth. We can’t prevent unknown issues that may arise, but we can mentally prepare for whatever may come our way.

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