Susan Gilbert
July 14, 2020

Optimize Conversions from Your Website Landing Page

Take a moment to look at your current website. Do you need a new design or are you starting from scratch with a brand new domain? What ideal action would you like your audience to take and why?

According to WebFX, 94 percent of people get a first impression of your brand based on the website design — 75 percent will base your credibility upon this as well.

In order to attract more subscribers, your business should provide helpful information and special offers. I’ve put together several ways to help you improve your content and design:

1 – Include Headlines That Attract Readers

Headlines that are unique, specific, urgent, and useful garner the most clicks and views, especially on mobile. Use a good headline checker like CoSchedule or Sharethrough to find out how effective your titles and keywords are.

In the first moments that a visitor arrives at your landing page, you need to offer them compelling information that catches their attention. And of course, it should line up with what they have been searching for. You want them to desire to know more about how your business can help them in a way that is not being offered by your competition.

2 – Get Real With Your Audience

Begin the process of trust by focusing on people first, then formulate a brand story that surrounds this narrative. Remember that the content should always be about them in your descriptions. Consider creating a video or powerful image that defines what is unique to your business and how you serve your customers with testimonials included if at all possible.

3 – Help Them Feel Important and Valued

Include words and details that make the reader feel as if you know them personally. Show them that you understand exactly what they are looking for. Case studies from actual clients that can be proven and verified can provide a reason for potential customers to search your website for more information. When you know your audience well enough through target market research, you will be able to include the exact keyword phrases that get you noticed. You can accomplish this in several ways:

  • Social media interactions and polls
  • Webinars, live video and podcasts
  • Email marketing that engages the reader
  • A survey on your website

4 – Simplify the Web Browsing Experience

Keep it simple and avoid overloading your visitors with too many images or videos, which is very important to mobile readers who are using their data to surf the Internet. In a 2018 study by CIODive, 70 percent of website traffic takes place on a mobile device.

5 – Make Contact Simple

Your visitors want to get in touch with you either by phone, through email, a chatbox, Facebook Messenger, and on social media. A business that is readily available is perceived as more trusted. It’s important to have a detailed subscribe box added to your website where you can provide a special offer and capture email addresses to nurture later on.

6 – Steer Away From Direct Sales

Remember that you are selling solutions, not features, and you want your offer to communicate the benefits of what your brand has to offer. For example, you could provide them with the following:

  • A free eBook or chapter
  • A product sample or coupon for a sales page
  • Free consultation
  • Helpful tips in the form of an exclusive report or video

If you want to attract more interested buyers be sure that you are offering high value in exchange for their time and attention. This will help greatly increase your conversion rates and return buyer rates.

7 – Capture Their Attention Before They Leave

There are various plugins and shortcodes you can use to remind your visitors about the benefits of your business for them. These can be set up by your developer and downloaded directly to WordPress. This way, you provide another chance to answer any questions visitors might have and to remind them of what they can receive.

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8 – Create a Specific Sales or Lead Page

Take advantage of landing sales page software so that you can have a simple lead magnet to include on your website, in your email marketing, and on social media to increase the conversions. These are designed to lead your prospects through the process of finding out more about what you have to offer them quickly and easily.

An effective website is one that is well optimized, mobile-friendly, and speaks directly to your audience without a direct sales approach. The best visitor experience is one that is simple, clear, friendly, and informative. Don’t be afraid to showcase who you are, and to include an easy way they can find your business online.

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