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September 20, 2017

12 Tools To Improve Blogging, Video Marketing and Research

Blogging, Video Marketing and Research Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Monday Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • Blogging Tools
  • Tools to help you improve your video marketing
  • Competitor Research Tools

Improve Your Blog Content with These 4 Tools

1) Plan and execute your ideas in sketch form –

Creating stand-out content can be enhanced with a visual plan. is a great tool that allows you to easily brainstorm new topic ideas through a mind map. This great tool will help you see the structure of your information and how to better understand your articles. There is nothing to download — just go to their website and get the process started for free.

2) Search for or create your own charts – Atlas

People love statistics and valuable information that they can see in a graphic. Atlas helps you capture your audience’s attention by allowing you to find niche statistics and charts to share on your blog and on social media. Just scroll through the latest data or conduct a search for a specific topic. The service also allows you to generate your own charts that can also be displayed on their website.

3) Enhance your videos and podcasts – Freesound

When it comes to adding special sounds to help your videos and podcasts stand out you want to be careful not to use copyrighted music. Freesound offers a solution by allowing you to download from a large selection of special effects and music that can help engage your viewers or listeners. Click on any .mp3 file to hear a sample and then download for use.

4) Add annotations and sketches to your images – Evernote Skitch

Would you like to be able to easily get your point across on a photo or image? Evernote Skitchhelps you to easily add notes, graphics, shapes, and sketches. Use this tool for teaching a webinar, in an informative blog post, a video, and much more. Download to your Apple computer or as an app on iOS.


These Are Some of the Best Video Marketing Tools Available

1) Professional video storytelling – Animoto

There is no expensive software required for this great video creation tool. Animoto allows for easy customization with music, images, and text on both a computer and on iOS and Android devices. This is a great way to quickly put a high quality production together that you can easily share online. You can try this software out with their free trial with a low monthly fee after.

2) Get your point across with animation – Sellamations

If you need a quick and simple way to capture your audience’s attention then you might want to try cartoons. Sellamations helps you deliver a simple, and effective message with custom hand-drawn videos. Their team will work with you to develop a script that captures the viewer along with a fully professional voice over presentation.

3) Increase your sales through video – Vidyard

Give your sales message a fresh look that will stand out to your audience. Vidyard lets you know exactly how your videos are performing, and the actions your audience is taking with them. This is a perfect way to improve your video marketing as you create lessons, how-to videos, and more.

4) Ramp up your marketing with explainer videos – Wideo

Create a quick promo video for your audience. Wideo includes over 80 templates to choose from where you can customize your own animated message. Add more to your videos with your own images, logos, and music, ect. with their drag and drop menu items. You can have a fantastic presentation created in just minutes with this simple tool.


4 Research Tools to Gain Actionable Competitive Insights

1) See what’s best in advertising – WhatRunsWhere

Discover how to put out the most effective ads in your industry on social media. WhatRunsWhere is a great tool that allows you to learn what is working well for other brands. Optimize your own campaigns according to gathered data and charts. Find out what’s going on in specific mobile ads and gather valuable traffic source information. If you need to take your advertising to the next level then this tool is well worth the investment.

2) Benchmark against the competition – SimilarWeb

If you would like to find out what brands are doing in their online marketing strategy, but don’t have the time for research then this tool will help you get data quickly. SimilarWeb provides global online ranking information as well as traffic sources for leaders in your industry. Gain a better understanding of customer intent while spotting emerging trends for your target market.

3) Monitor your brand – Awario

Find out what conversations are going on about your business. With Awario you can find the latest social mentions through over 13 billion web pages. This intuitive tool will enable you to better communicate with your community and and improve your brand reputation.

4) Valuable backlink research – SEO SpyGlass

Would you like to improve your website’s links as well as find the best content from your niche? SEO SpyGlass helps you to clean up broken links as well as providing competitive analysis. This comprehensive tool pulls directly from Google Analytics and the Google Search Console for the best backlink results. Greatly reduce your penalty rate from Google while building better visibility in search.

Any Comments?

Do you have any experiences with the above tools that you’d like to share?  Are there any tools in the above categories which you think our readers should know about? Have you made any new tool discoveries that you feel are about to take off and would like to share with others? Please leave your comment, below.

This is a curation of 3 Monday Tips posts which originally appeared on They are republished here with permission.


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