Susan Gilbert
October 12, 2015

How Lead Scoring Can Qualify Potential Clients for More Sales

Your business may have a large list of subscribers and leads, but converting these into sales can be more of a challenge when the approach is not focused on a more narrow market.

It’s important to find the right prospects for your products or services, and this is where “lead scoring” can help you. The concept is nothing new for business marketing practices, but it has evolved over the years with the influence of online software and analytics.

When you get a more clear picture of who is more willing to make a purchase from your business you can cut down on your sales time with great results to the bottom line.

Evaluating your leads has three (3) key benefits:

Eliminates uninterested leads – You and/or your sales team will be able to approach those who are most interested in what you have to offer. These high-quality leads have a great conversion rate, and a stronger chance at referrals.

Builds better relationships – As your business approaches the warmer leads in your market the communication is not spread too thin over a more broad spectrum of those who may not want to receive an email or phone call.

Improves inbound and outbound marketing – When approaching a more focused target of leads this affects all aspects of your marketing strategy. Interest becomes more clear, which builds trust, and leads to more sales.

The initial list of leads from your website, contests, social media, ect. can be analyzed using either a traditional method, which is more intuitive, or predictive with online software that helps provide computerized analytics and data. Most well-established brands and businesses today use the latter, which saves on time, money and staffing.

According to the Kapost blog 88 percent of businesses who used predictive lead scoring reported that they received value from it.

SiriusDecisions points out the benefits of finding the right leads for your business as well:


Not only does predictive lead scoring take a look at a buyer’s history, but the data collected helps provide insights on who is most likely to make a purchase again. This takes out the guess work for businesses and brands, and reduces the chances of human error that come with traditional lead scoring research.

Using the above method can produce more qualified lead results starting with your existing database, and then narrowing down from there by analyzing a user’s activity online. This can include their favorite websites, interactions on social media, a web presence, and more.

A clear pattern of data is a great benefit to any growing business who need to increase their chances of driving sales without spending more time prospecting. There are several software services available to meet a variety of budgets including Google Prediction API, Microsoft Azure , and Dato to name a few.

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