Jenn Herman
October 13, 2015

4 Ways To Drive More Opt-Ins From Facebook

How’s your Facebook page working for you these days? Is it driving traffic to your website? Or bringing you the opt-ins and revenue generating leads that you want?

You know you need a Facebook page. In all reality, a Facebook page today is like a Yellow Pages listing 10 – 20 years ago. It’s inevitable. You need one. But with constantly declining reach, huge pressure to run ads, and a highly saturated platform, are you seeing the results you want?

You probably aren’t. And you’re not alone!

And, yes, I think there is huge value in running ads on Facebook – when done properly and with a well-defined budget and strategy. I also believe you need to use your Facebook page as a community tool to build and develop your audience – not sell, sell, sell.

But that being said, every now and then you still gotta make a buck from your Facebook page ?

So here are my 4 tips (that don’t include running ads) to drive more opt-ins from your Facebook page.

Use Your Cover Photo

When was the last time you updated your cover photo? And how much thought did you put into your Facebook cover photo?

This is a giant piece of real estate at your disposal on Facebook and you should be using it to your advantage. While your cover photo shouldn’t scream “BUY ME” 365 days a year, it can be used strategically to drive the leads you’re looking for.

If you have a promotion, event, or service that you want people to take action on, put this message in your cover photo.

facebook opt in


One of my best tips for maximizing this opt-in action is to put a call-to-action button right on the image itself. Something that says “click here to [action]”. Then, format your photo description to include the call-to-action plus include the link to the website/landing/opt-in page. This makes it easy to follow through on the action right from the cover photo!

facebook call to action

Use the Call-to-Action Button

What easier way to get people to take an action other than to use the actual call-to-action button that Facebook let’s you put right on your page?!

You can see in the Kim Garst example above, she has the “Shop Now” button activated over her cover photo. This button allows you to get your Periscope guide that she’s promoting in the image. I use the “Sign Up” button on my Facebook page to get people to sign up for my blog email list.

Facebook gives you a number of options for the type of button to include here and then provides the necessary information to format where the link will go and other settings to make it super easy for you to do. And there you have an easy way to get your opt-ins!

Plus, Facebook will give you data on how many people clicked on your CTA button so that you can see how well it’s performing for you.

Adds Apps/Tabs to Your Page

The “tabs” (a slightly more dated term, but still used) represents the tabs just below your cover photo. These typically set to your “Timeline” and “About” and “Photos” plus another tab of your choice. Yes, you can edit these by clicking on the “More” option and selecting “Manage Tabs” from the drop down menu.

By adding an App to your page, all of which appear in the left side bar, you can choose to add one of these to the Tabs at the top of your page.

facebook tabs

You can add a variety of these apps to your page, each with a unique purpose and end state. These make for great opt-in and lead generation tools! They give your audience a clear message to act upon something and, again, you can format where you want the traffic to go, making it easy for your audience to follow through.

Pin a Post

If you have a great, well-crafted page post that includes the description of your opt-in plus the necessary sign up link, why reinvent the wheel? Pin this post to the top of your feed to ensure that all visitors coming to your page see this first.

To pin a post, go to the post in your feed and click on the little arrow in the top right corner. From the drop down menu, choose “Pin to Top”. This post will now reside at the top of your page feed, giving it first view and priority over other posts on your page.

You can unpin the post at any time or pin a new post to replace the existing one at any time depending on your needs and strategy.


And, so there you have 4 ways (not including running any ads on your page) that will allow you to generate more opt ins from your Facebook page! If you can go do any one of these things right now on your page, you’ll start seeing results quickly. Then focus on adding in the other options to really maximize your opt ins from Facebook.

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