Susan Gilbert
September 19, 2016

Take Your Facebook Ads To a New Level

Facebook ads are not only a great way to grow your business Page — they also can help improve your website traffic and conversion rates.

According to a Socialbakers report, 92 percent of marketers are now advertising on this powerhouse social network. The retargeting feature, launched at the beginning of last year, can give your marketing dollars a boost as you focus directly on your existing audience inside your niche.

After you install code on your website, your visitors will begin to see your products or services. Your chances of making a sale are greatly increased as your audience has already shown interest in what you have to offer. This retargeting method reminds them of what they might be missing in a very subtle, yet effective way.

According to AdReady you can increase your ad response rate by as much as 400 percent!

How You Can Target Your Facebook Ads

Facebook allows businesses to retarget their audiences first by installing Facebook Pixel on their (your!) website. This provides tracking in three ways, according to their business page:

Conversion tracking — track your ad performance

Optimization — bid for conversions after installing pixel

Re-marketing — Place your products or services in front of your website visitors


Image courtesy Facebook Business

The second way is through their Custom Audiences feature. This uses your existing email subscriber addresses or phone numbers. Your ads will be placed either in the News Feed or in a column on the right hand side of a user’s profile.

Amy Norman, Co-founder, Little Passports, has seen great results from this according to Facebook: “Once we had Facebook conversion tracking in place and started using Custom Audiences, we saw a huge uplift in sales. Facebook Ads became ROI-positive for us, from day one!”


Custom Audiences allows you to tap into three specific areas:

• Customers – your current contacts.

• Website – your website visitors.

• Apps – your app or game customers.


In Summary

Advertising is least effective when mass marketing to a large group of people without a specific niche in mind. As you narrow the focus on your target market, your prospects begin to improve. But even more precise is hyper-targeted niche marketing. This narrows down exactly who your audience is and what they look like.

If your business has been not able to retain visitors, these methods will encourage them to return and be far more likely make a purchase or subscribe.

With Facebook retargeting, your ads will need to be creative, clear and unique, with eye-catching photos, videos or graphics.

As you fine tune your results, you will soon learn what your audience desires in order to reach them more effectively.

Instead of leaving your website, take your advertising to the next level as your business focuses on people who have already expressed interest in your products and services.

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