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September 27, 2018

Content Marketing Tips for your eCommerce Blog

eCommerce Blog Tips

Is there such a thing as an eCommerce business that doesn’t have an additional online presence in forms of blogs and social media accounts. If there are any, they’re certainly a dying breed.

Unfortunately, most of them do so simply because everybody else does – not because they have anything particular to say to their customers, current and potential. They don’t put much thought into the content they publish and, consequently, get little to no value from their efforts. And you should understand that considering your blogging to be a chore won’t get you anywhere.

So what should you do and how? How does one produces high-quality content and makes it work? Let’s find out.

1. Showcase Your Merchandise or Products

One of the most effective methods of influencing your customers is making them feel in the know. Your blog is the perfect place to showcase the merchandise or products that are going to make into your online store in the nearest future. This way, your regular readers will be the first to know.

Make them wish for your new goods by discussing how unique they are. Always show just a few of the most interesting items or aspects, and hint at what else is coming to the store. Collages are very useful for this. Make sure to pick the right tool and learn how to use it.

2. Use a High-Quality Website Builder

Content marketing isn’t limited to what you publish. It is also about how you do it and how it looks to the end user. Using a free WordPress theme or its alternative may be enough to get you started. But the longer you maintain your blog, the more apparent it becomes that its functionality is woefully inadequate for all the needs you may have as a business owner. Using a professional website builder will rid you of all the frustration and annoyance connected with finding out that your platform doesn’t support the functionality you need right now.

3. Tell Your Story with Visual Content

If you describe what your products do, don’t hesitate to shower the reader with images. If it is a multi-step procedure, a photo for every step (or even more than one) is by no means excessive. So, if you speak about some items from your store, make sure to provide at least one picture for each of them. (You can post more, taken from different directions if it is relevant for the product in question,) Doing so will not just make your posts more attractive. It will also help your readers immediately understand what you are writing about.

This approach is especially important if you often post tips and instructions on your blog. It is often quite difficult to understand what the author means when a procedure is described in plain text. If you want, you may post video instructions. But keep it in mind that some people dislike videos. Unlike text with pictures, they are inconvenient to skim through to see if there is anything useful.

4. Talk about Latest Trends in Your Industry

If you keep your nose to the wind (and you should do it, irrespectively of what your business does) about the things happening in your industry, you always have something to say to your visitors. For example, if you sell clothes, you may discuss what is going to be fashionable this season. That is which colors go with each other. Show examples from your merchandise and explain how to pick items that will suit each other. The same, more or less, can be done for any other industry. You just have to possess enough knowledge and be ready to share it.

5. Talk to Your Customers

One of the most important goals of your blog is to build lasting connections with your customers. To do this, you have to engage with them at every point actively. Ask them what they think about your store, about the latest trends in your industry, about your selection of merchandise, about the tips you give.

Run polls asking them what kind of industry-related content they would like to see in your blog, what they would be interested in. 

Write posts answering common questions bothering them. If they comment on your posts, make sure to answer them. And don’t be too eager to talk about your brand all the time. Chances are, your visitors don’t come to you to listen to how awesome you are, What they want from you is valuable content, not self-promotion. Your goal is to become a trusted, reliable, go-to source of information about your industry. Also, anything connected to the kind of merchandise or products that you sell. So make sure to meet these expectations.

How should you engage with customers? Sometimes it is enough to make it obvious that you expect a reaction from them. So finish at least some of your posts with the direct address to them.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Funny

You may run a serious business and treat it as the most important thing in your life. But practice shows that people like funny things. If you allow yourself to joke every once in a while, your blog and your company look more human. People are more likely to develop a personal attachment to you. Just make sure you have a sense of humor before you start applying this strategy! There’s little that’s sadder than a person desperately trying to be funny and failing.

If you don’t know how to joke or have often been told that your jokes are in poor taste. Better avoid this strategy or ask somebody more suitable to write such posts for you. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good. Funny content comes in all forms and types: from humorous sketches about the daily life in your company to videos demonstrating unusual applications of your merchandise. Or you could just throw some amusing word plays into your content.

In Closing

We hope that these tips will be helpful in the difficult job or running an eCommerce business blog. However, you should always remember that there are no definite rules in this industry. Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Over To You

Do you have any tips you’d like to add to the above? Please share them with your fellow readers. Thank you!


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