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February 12, 2019

7 Marketing Strategies to Boost Online Marketing Results on YouTube

Boost Online Marketing Results on YouTube

Despite much evidence showing the growing importance of video in marketing, it’s still an area that’s not being explored enough. Content marketers tend to focus on articles and infographics, and leave YouTube videos to vloggers and big brands.

That’s a mistake!

According to a survey conducted by ThinkWithGoogle, nearly 50% of Internet users search for videos featuring a product or a service before an actual store visit. That sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it?

Here’s another detail that’s even more convincing: nearly two-thirds of shoppers say they got inspired to purchase something after watching a video. As for the platform, over 90% of responders discovered brands and products via YouTube.

So yes; it’s important to expand your marketing campaign to YouTube.

But how do you get your videos noticed in the crowd? We’ll give you 7 essential marketing tips that will boost the results of your YouTube marketing campaign.

1. Master the About Concept

This description is important because it makes your channel look more reliable.

It needs only a few brief sentences to convey the essential purpose of your channel. Let’s see how a popular YouTuber does it. We’ll choose Kassandra from Yoga with Kassandra.

There’s nothing complicated here. Just a few sentences about the channel, and links that take the visitors to important pages.

2. Use Keywords

When you try to develop an effective content marketing campaign, you focus on keywords that make your pages detectable via Google.  YouTube works through its own search system, so keywords are needed there, too.

Use relevant keywords in the channel description, but don’t stop there. You also need to include them in the video’s title, description, and tags.

3. Create Educational Videos

There are over one billion users on YouTube. Your audience is definitely there. But why should they watch your content?

You have to give them some kind of value.

If you’re wondering what types of videos to start filming for YouTube marketing purposes, don’t focus on direct marketing. Provide educational videos instead. These can be explainer videos, where you showcase the features of your products or services.

Before buying something, people want to see such videos.

4. Schedule Webinars

Did you know that YouTube allows you to host webinars directly on the platform? Such content works well because your audience won’t perceive it as a promotion. It shows you’re making a real effort to deliver solutions.

Through webinars, you can teach visitors how to get the best effect from your products or services. But you can also take topics suggested by your audience and address them in detail.

You need great scripts for your webinars. It’s best to hire professional writers from a service like Assignment Geek, so they will make the content engaging.

5. Integrate YouTube Videos with Your Social Media Marketing

Of course you need to promote your YouTube videos. Yes; the platform will suggest your content when people search for it, but you don’t want to limit your outreach there.

Whenever you launch a new video, share it across all social media pages that promote your brand. You can team up with influencers and arrange promotion through their pages, too.

6. Launch New Content on a Regular Basis

Why would people subscribe to your channel?

Someone finds a great video and watches it to the very end. They even like, share, and comment.

But then they see your profile and realise you haven’t posted for a year or two. They won’t subscribe because they won’t expect to see other cool stuff from you.

You want them to see loads of content published on a precise schedule. You want them to expect more great content, to trigger the subscribe action.

7. Partner with Influencers

When you promote your YouTube content across social media channels, you’ll certainly attract some visits. But when an influencer promotes it, you’ll expand your outreach.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll limit your campaign to your usual types of content and you’ll ask influencers to share it.

Why don’t you invite them to be part of it?

You can arrange interviews with important people from your niche. You can ask them to review your products or services. These people have huge followings, so that’s definitely a good step for your marketing campaign.


With good YouTube videos, you can inform your audience about your brand. You’ll give them all the details they need before making a purchase. YouTube is a very effective marketing tool; you just need to use it well.

If you follow the tips presented above, you’ll have a great starting point. But that’s all it is. Don’t for one moment think that you’ve mastered this or any other medium. They all change. And perhaps video, still in its relative infancy, will change faster than most.

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