Shivani Srivastava
August 5, 2020

In earlier times, businesses were more focused on selling their products or services. But today, they have streamlined their approach and shifted towards providing a seamless experience to their customers. Therefore, businesses all around the world are leveraging the most trusted form of marketing communications: email marketing.

A report by Litmus that may surprise some states that

Email is more likely to be around in 10 years than Facebook, cable TV, Twitter, and other channels, according to consumers.”

With the right approach, email marketing can prove remarkably effective for all the marketers out there. To get the most out of your email marketing process, you must make your audience aware of your business, products, and services, thereby nurturing them in an informative and interactive way.

Nurturing your audience can become complex if you don’t have the right tool. This is because the nurturing process involves building relationships with your audience at each essential touch-point of their journey. Your audiences are your potential customers and want to feel valued. Therefore, businesses are stressing on creating personalized and interactive messages.

In short, nurturing your audience involves the following:

  • Segmenting your audience into target groups depending on demographics, psychographics, and interests.
  • Sending out content that is relevant to your target audience.
  • Creating personalized, compelling, and interactive emails that engage your audience.
  • Observing, understanding, and analyzing the behavior of your email subscribers to develop a refined email marketing strategy, automation sequences, or inbound sales funnel.
  • Tracking open-rates, click-through rates, statistics, and overall success of your emails to figure out what works best for you.

6 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools

So how can you ensure all of the above? Which email marketing tool can help you nurture your audience? Here are 6 of the best to help you make your choice.


If you want a highly intuitive tool, I would suggest going for SendX. It is budget-friendly and comes with extensive features, including marketing, it serves as a medium to connect businesses with their target audience.

Regarding the affordability factor, as you get more leads and your email base increases, you don’t have to pay more compared to other email marketing tools out there in the market.

They don’t put limitations on the number of emails that you can send, even if your email list is more than 50k. Moreover, they provide a 14-day free trial.

They pride themselves on speedy, 24-hour customer support. Additionally, they help organize customers’ large email base so that they can drive maximum engagement. This is done through free delivery consulting.

They have more than 50 email templates in their library and have curated a list of over 1500 responsive email templates. Moreover, with a built-in Opti-Send Deliverability Booster, your emails can achieve top-notch deliverability.

Starting Price: $7.49 for 1000 subscribers

Number of Emails: Unlimited

Free Trial: 14 days

SendX pricing

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If you want an easy-to-use email marketing tool, then you may go for this one. It provides email and SMS marketing services. With a drag-and-drop feature, you can easily design amazing emails.

I recommend this tool for those who are just starting out. With a beginner-friendly approach, this tool is quite handy when it comes to sending bulk emails.

With its free plan, you can send up to 300 emails or newsletters per day (with watermark). Whether it’s about creating welcome emails, opt-in forms, or newsletters, you can customize it in an hour or so.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, Sendinblue ensures that your emails get the best deliverability and maximum engagement.

Sendinblue’s most liked feature is its automation workflows. You can set particular triggers and put your target audience or subscribers in custom workflows. These triggers are based on the actions of the subscribers when they visit your website.

Starting Price: Lite Plan at $25/month

Number of Emails: 40,000 emails/month

Free Plan: 300 emails/day

Sendinblue Pricing

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Constant Contact

With its roots in 1995, this tool gained popularity after a while and surpassed 250,000 customers in 2009. Their main mission is to empower small businesses.

They have a huge pool of ready-to-use and mobile-optimized templates that can draw engagement as well as drive conversions. Moreover, with their real-time reporting and analytics, you can observe and understand the behavior of your target audience.

The area where they stand out is event management. Yes, you heard that right. You can send event invitations, manage registrations, and even handle ticketing.

What stands out the most is creating intuitive drip campaigns through Constant Contact. Although you can create email sequences, you cannot use advanced filtering features.

With above-average email deliverability, Constant Contact has maintained a good reputation in the market over the years.

Starting Price: Lite Plan at $5/month (Price based on number of contacts)

Number of emails: 10,000 emails/month

Free Trial: 30 days

Constant Contacy pricing

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Moosend is well-known for its email automation features. It is email marketing as well as an amazing email automation tool through which you may nurture your email list, send out personalized messages, and use automation features.

They also have a drag-and-drop feature to design your emails or build a campaign. With an extensive library of email templates, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Moosend’s USP is that it has pre-built automation templates as well. To elaborate more, they have three significant categories in the automation features, namely, triggers, control steps, and actions. If combined together, you may filter out your email base and send your automation sequences based upon the subscriber’s action.

Starting Price: Pro Plan at $8/month (Based on subscribers)

Number of emails: Unlimited

Free Plan: Forever

Moosend Pricing

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With a special focus on online creators, ConvertKit is the best fit for bloggers or internet authors. They understand the needs of an online creator and empower them with creative outlets. You can design eye-catching forms and send personalized messages with a simple text-based design format.

With ConvertKit, you can design advanced email sequences, and set advanced triggers for your segmented target audience. Its advanced segmentation can be leveraged to send personalized and professional emails. You don’t have to go through the hassle of creating heavily designed emails with multiple CTAs. A simple text-based design can do wonders and help generate more leads.

They offer a forever free plan within which you can manage up to 1000 subscribers. If you are a blogger who wants to generate leads and increase conversions, go for ConvertKit.

Starting Price: Complete Plan at $29/month for up to 1,000 subscribers

Number of emails: Unlimited

Free Plan: Forever

ConvertKit Pricing

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Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools in the email marketing world. It has a total share of 60.51% in the email marketing industry. It offers extensive features and is not limited to just an email marketing tool. Rather, it is an all-in-one marketing platform. But as it is an industry giant, it feels right to mention Mailchimp here.

Mailchimp has an easy-to-use email builder that can be leveraged to send in amazing emails. Talking about features, they have autoresponders, best-in-class email deliverability options with geolocations, and extensive integration options.

Though it has a huge customer base, learning to use their workflow editor is quite a task. It is the best fit for large scale businesses with no budget constraints. This is because Mailchimp pricing increases along with your subscriber base. So their charges are in accordance with your audience and not on your email lists. As a result, you have to pay for the unsubscribed users as well.

Therefore, many small and medium-sized businesses are opting for Mailchimp’s alternatives. But if you don’t have financial limitations, go for Mailchimp as it is extensively used by many organizations.

Starting Price: $10 for 500 subscribers (Based on the number of contacts)

Number of emails: Unlimited

Free Plan: Forever

Mailchimp Pricing

Final Thoughts

I hope these details helped you choose an email marketing tool that aligns with your business needs and nurtures your audience into paying customers. But don’t just count on my words. Take a personal tour of all the tools mentioned above and decide for yourself.

Shivani Srivastava is a content marketer by heart, Shivani is passionate about writing anything in the field of the technological landscape. She freelances for SendX: Email Marketing Software and others. You can connect with her on LinkedIn here or follow/tweet her @blabber_on


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