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January 23, 2019

12 Tools To Improve Entrepreneurship, Instagram & Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility Tools

The following is made up of 3 “Monday Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools and resources around a specific area of your business. Today, the subjects are:

  • How to start a successful entrepreneurship endeavor
  • Popular Instagram apps
  • Increasing your brand visibility online

4 Great Tools For New Entrepreneurs

1) Automate prospecting – Detective by Charlie

When you are just starting out, it may not be possible to hire a personal assistant or sales representative. Detective by Charlie can help you keep track of your important meetings and make announcements to the attendees. This intuitive tool will pull information from content sources like LinkedIn and Twitter and provide insights to those you are connecting with. Use this simple software to help your business build better relationships and close deals faster.

2) Better email insights – Yesware

Do you need to improve your email communication? Yesware provides powerful analytics and templates that help you and/or your team to create targeted emails to your potential clients. Easily collaborate with other team members, and find out who is clicking on and opening your messages and attachments. You can even place a call right from your inbox.

3) Get the latest products for your target market – Product Hunt

If you are concerned about missing out on the latest and most popular products in your niche, then you will love this tool. Product Hunt features an easy to access platform that allows you to see the most recent trends. The website is frequently updated and includes its own radio news program on the latest in tech, media, and more.

4) Put all of your tech in one place – IFTTT

If you are managing separate apps for your business, this free tool will put them all in one place. IFTTT is a way to combine, organize and schedule your productivity on one device. Share to all of your social networks at the same time as well as perform administrative tasks like personalizing your voice assistant or even accepting a delivery. The software is available on computers and also on iOS and Google Play.


Download These 4 Popular Instagram Apps for Mobile Marketing

1) Put together a video from photos – Vigo Video

Make your posts more fun and provide your followers with videos they will engage with. Vigo Video easily allows you to add your images into one video collage that can be edited and then shared on Instagram and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Features include adding music, speed adjustment, captions, and more. The download is free is the iOS app store.

2) Share content with captions – Repost

A great way to connect with other influencers and brands is to share their content. This smart app will quickly help you share user photos and videos on Instagram. Repost, available for iOS and Android, copies the captions for you so that your followers know exactly who the post came from. The credit is given to the Instagrammer — add them as a tag in your post to show them your post.

3) Adjust photos and video for Instagram – InstaSize

Use this photo editing app to make your photos and videos fit nicely into Instagram and other social networks. InstaSize, available for iOS, allows you to instantly add your content and create the right dimensions. Their software will help you edit and share your posts all from one place.

4) Create beautiful text overlays – Over

Add more to your professional images with a relevant quote or saying. Over, which is available for iOS, allows you to add text with hundreds of different fonts and styles to choose from. Make your posts stand out and more visually attractive with this simple mobile app.


Build Your Visibility With These 4 Live Streaming Video Tools

1) High quality live video production – Wirecast by Telestream

Turn your live videos into a professional format. Wirecast by Telestream is a great way to capture, produce, and stream your broadcasts without the need for a high-end production studio. In addition to your video camera, you can also turn your iPhone into a live recording device. Get in on live Twitter feeds as well as precise audio/visual sync capabilities for top quality shows.

2) Connect with your live audience – Google Hangouts

Reach your viewers and customers instantly with this free resource available for Google Chrome or through your account. Google Hangouts allows users to start a group conversation, have private video chats with customers, and more. Use this tool to create a better connection with your prospects as well as your team.

3) Build a larger Fan base – Facebook Live

Build a larger audience with live events and behind the scenes video. Facebook Live can help your business stand out with real-time shows such as product demos, interviews, and more. This is a fun way to better connect with your Fans and to create a meaningful message that will gain a lot of visibility quickly.

4) Video recording and live streaming software – Open Broadcaster

Would you like to start a broadcast for free? Open Broadcaster is an open source software for PC, Linux and Mac users, which allows for recording and broadcasting your live videos. The developers have also created an API, which allows other developers to create their own plugins to better control the streaming experience on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

Any Comments?

Do you have any experiences with the above tools that you’d like to share?  Are there any tools in the above categories which you think our readers should know about? Have you made any new tool discoveries that you feel are about to take off and would like to share with others? Please leave your comment, below.

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