Susan Gilbert
September 22, 2015

Why Your Website Visitors Might Pass You By

When your visitors first arrive at your business’s landing page they may keep moving on. Not what you want!  The key is to draw them in right away and get them to stay by using an enticing offer and a clear message that meets their needs.

User frustration is usually the cause for a person to move onto another website, and according to Kissmetrics, navigation issues is one of the top of that list:

Bad Navigation

In order to retrain visitors your website should be experiencing a low bounce rate by offering what they need in a simple, attractive format right up front. This will most likely compel them to click on other pages in order to learn more about what your business can offer them.

Take a look at this example from Quick Sprout, which offers website traffic services:


Notice how simple the landing page is with an easy-to-use traffic tool and minimal navigation links at the top. The pain point question is right out in front with a quick solution.

Once your business has caught the attention of a visitor you will want to deliver on what is being offered. Here are a few ways to make improvements to your landing page with better optin results:

Make it simple to view and navigate on mobile – While desktop website searches still dominate the Internet around 29 percent of users are using their smart devices instead according to an article on Search Engine Land:

Search Engine Land
As these numbers continue to grow it’s important to optimize your business website in order to attract a hot market. This means having a clear focus on the right keywords, which are directly reflected in search engine results.

If someone on a tablet, for example, is searching on Google for a “small business consultant,” they will quickly find these results on the first page. Notice the keywords in bold:

google search

You can determine which keywords people are searching for in your industry by checking out your Google Analytics reports as well as conducting research on typical phrases and questions being asked online and on social media.

Show your products or services in a visual way – Whether you are a B2B or brick and mortar business you can display the best that you have to offer on the front page. This may include a great product image or video that captures their attention right away. Constant Contact, a premier email service provider, has a great example on their website of a promotional video:

Constant Contact

Provide a tantalizing offer – Your business will want to go beyond just the subscribe box, and provide something of value that will entice your visitors to sign up and want more. A sales page can be set up separately or use an attractive optin box with a free product or service, helpful tips, coupons, ect.

When building a better landing page it’s important to measure your website performance. Accurate tracking will help you be more successful in retaining and attracting visitors. The goal is to make it simple for your audience to get the information they need with a clear brand message both online and offline.

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