Paolo Fabrizio
October 11, 2022

When Digital Channels Make Your Customers Happy

Make Your Customers Happy

‘This digital channel doesn’t work for us!’ So said a manager to me once. I remember that he was so reluctant to integrate live chat as a new digital customer service channel that he literally boycotted it. In fact, he ran a ‘pivotal test’ of…just 7 days to end up with the above conclusion. Three years plus one pandemic later, many more brands have embraced digital support channels; yet still many lack a real focus on experience. So how can you harness digital channels to make your customers happy? Let’s take a look at that now.

Digital Channels Need Water

One silent, frequent, expectation that I still observe about social media, live chat, or messaging channels is that they would make or break the customer experience. Actually, it’s absolutely wrong because they are empty TOOLS. Just like water ducts, what makes the difference is what flows through them. At the end of the day, it works exactly like it’s always been for traditional support channels such as the phone or email. How would either of them work without conversations!? How effective are they without great brand <> customer conversations? That’s where many organizations stumble.

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Those who have instead developed ad hoc digital conversational skills for their customer support team focusing on digital channels are reaping the rewards:

  • Increasing team’s experience (EX) because they work better when equipped with ad hoc competences
  • Improving customer experience such as being able to manage effective, concise yet empathetic conversations
  • Upselling & cross-selling because superior experiences are the best assists for any sales/marketing activity.

To dive into the best competence, knowledge, and attitude for each channel, download the Digital Customer Personas© skill-set framework.

Over To You

If you want to make your customers happy there are no shortcuts. Take care of each digital conversation in detail. This is the best way to build and consolidate their trust daily. Hence, letting the customer perceive that you are their best choice – keeping your competitor’s buzz away from them.

Q. How far are you now from this strategic goal?

Have great conversations.

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