Paolo Fabrizio
November 2, 2021

What You Need To Do To Bridge The Digital Customer Service Gap

Bridge The Digital Customer Service Gap

Yesterday evening I watched an old movie based on the strong bond between a teacher and his students. Their solid relationship was put in jeopardy due to a sudden change, a new teaching method. In fact, it had originated a dangerous tension between them. I won’t spoil the end of the story but I can tell you that it’s similar to some organizations’ that yesterday were reluctant to upgrade their customer support model. Today, because of that reluctance, they’re struggling to bridge the digital customer service gap.

For Those Who Start From Scratch

Organizations that start their Digital Customer Service path from scratch now are aware that they have fallen behind their competitors. What I’ve observed though, is that their most frequent mistake is putting too many initiatives on the table without having carefully defined strategies and priorities. As a result, they risk wasting time and resources fumbling in the dark – without even realizing it! If you find yourself in a similar situation, I have two pieces of news for you:

  1. There are no shortcuts or tools that will allow you to recover the accumulated gap in a snapshot.
  2. The sooner you plan your digital customer service roadmap for the next 2-3 years, the better.

🧒 Because customers’ behaviors and expectations will keep evolving in the coming months and it’s with them that you have to play the right cards, at the right time.

How ready are you to take on such a challenge?

For Digital Customer Service Manager-to-be

Now let’s talk about customer service managers. Because in just a couple of years, things have dramatically changed for them, also. They had to cope with new digital support channels, new digital platforms, and new up-skilling needs for their teams. In addition, the pandemic has forced organizations to let their people work remotely, so that customer service managers had to deal with ‘scattered teams’. Therefore, maintaining team engagement and motivation has been and remains an issue for managers, as we’re getting towards a new hybrid model (partly in office / partly remote).

As all these topics require crucial decisions to be taken, customer service managers need to be equipped with ad hoc digital skills. Otherwise, the price – potentially becoming rapidly obsolete – is high for the whole organization. Listen to this audio note below.

Over To You

The clock is ticking. Bridging the digital customer service gap is a priority for those who believe that delivering consistent, excellent experiences. And it is vital for building long-lasting relationships with customers, thus, keeping their business alive and healthy.

Are you in front of, on, or behind the curve?

Have great conversations.

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