Tim Waldenback
November 9, 2021

Have a Product or Service that Targets Gen Z? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Reaching Them on Social Media

Target Gen Z

Marketers may have just gotten a handle on marketing to millennials, but now there’s a whole new generation to target. Gen Z, the “digital natives,” have serious purchasing power, so it’s crucial to get your marketing ready for them.

Fortunately, we have plenty of tips and tricks to help you market your product or service to this new generation.

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z refers to individuals born between 1996 and 2014. This generation, also known as Zoomers, is notable for being the first to be born with access to varied technology, giving it the nickname of “digital natives.” The people in this generation tend to be diverse, progressive, and educated. To older generations, it seems as if they exited the womb with a device in their hands.

One thing to note – like millennials, Gen Z does NOT like being labeled. This generation is all about inclusivity and the appropriate use of personal pronouns. You, as a marketer, need to be mindful of that. 

And with a buying power of roughly $44 billion, this portion of the population commands your attention. Here are some tips to market to the demographic effectively.

Be Relatable and Real

Generation Z is about authenticity, more so than the generations before. These individuals want to see an ad that represents them and their friends, which moves away from the approach that traditional marketing usually takes.

They also prefer laid-back, fun, and approachable messaging, so leave the salesy language and sales aggression behind. Remember, this generation experienced the “fake news” epidemic and values authenticity. They want to support brands that are fun and socially responsible, so let your authentic brand identity shine.

Embrace the Influencer

Influencers are a big deal to Gen Z, so you need their reach to communicate to your audience. An influencer is just a person who has influence over the buying decisions of others – think of them like celebrity endorsements for the new age. 

Influencers create content all the time and use it to drive engagement and conversations with their followers. They earn money through advertisements. For example, if we’re advertising the Zutobi app that helps Generation Z pass a driver’s test, an influencer may promote the app by mentioning how it helped them with different student driver challenges.

In fact, Gen Z is more likely to take the recommendation of an influencer than a celebrity. So, it’s worth putting some of your marketing budget into influencer marketing. 

Gear Marketing Based on Platform – Target Gen Z Where They Hang Out

Regardless of who you’re marketing to, choosing the appropriate social media platforms is vital. Generation Z uses each platform differently, however, so you have to be strategic in how you approach your social media marketing


YouTube is about more than silly videos. Now, Generation Z uses YouTube for shopping recommendations, particularly from influencers. This is one of the best platforms to promote your products or services via video.


Instagram is a highly visual platform, and many Gen Zers use it to find new products. If your product or service lends itself to beautiful imagery, Instagram is an ideal advertising platform to stand out and get the attention of teens and young adults.


Snapchat is one of the most widely used platforms among Zoomers and offers some of the best value for your advertising spend. One of the ways Snapchat differs from other platforms is that the ads are full-screen and interactive, letting your brand show its personality and images with creativity. 


Many of the Facebook Gen Z users are going to the platform to get information, rather than add it. Gen Zers are using Facebook to look for news, businesses, and products, so it’s easy to target your audience with advertising campaigns. 

Optimize for Mobile Use

No matter which social media platforms you choose, be sure to optimize your marketing campaigns for mobile use. Gen Z accesses the internet and social media with a smartphone more than a tablet or computer, and many people in this generation had their first phone around age 12. 

When you consider this, it makes sense that Gen Z typically makes a purchase online instead of in person. Most of your audience will be seeing and engaging with your campaign on a mobile device, so it’s crucial to optimize your ad for mobile before launching.

For example, our app, Zutobi, has a New York practice permit test for student drivers. Since this is most likely to be accessed by younger people on a smartphone, we made sure that it works as smoothly and intuitively as possible. 

Keep it Short and Simple

Gen Z has a short attention span, like most of the world on the internet. One of the stats that was popular in the marketing space is that millennials have an attention span of 12 seconds. For Gen Z, it’s more like 8 seconds. 

With this in mind, it’s best to keep your content short and simple. Videos are popular, but if you assume that it will be skipped after 10 seconds, tailor your content to deliver the most important messaging in the beginning. If you’re writing a text ad, use bullets to make it easy to skim.

For our app Zutobi, the Texas permit practice test features short chunks of text with targeted information, screenshots, and bullets that highlight the important features. The page is easy to skim to get vital information.

Get the Attention of Generation Z

After putting so much work into marketing to millennials, we now have to shift our focus to the next generation. But Gen Z comes with some incredible buying power and marketing opportunities, including a focus on inclusivity, authenticity, and humor. Gen Z also loves technology and social media, making it easier than ever for brands to reach their target audience.

You have all the tips you need to reach Gen Z on their chosen devices and platforms. Keep your messaging simple, short, and real, and use influencers to gain attention. If you’re stuck, just ask your Gen Z audience for feedback – one of the best things about this generation is that they’re NOT afraid to give their opinion. Use it to your advantage!

Author: Tim Waldenback

Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online driver education to help teens get their licenses. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver’s education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all. You can connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


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