Paolo Fabrizio
October 7, 2021

Are You Surfing or Suffering Digital Customer Support?

Digital Customer Support

From the beginning of the pandemic, many companies had to cope with digital customer support as the demand suddenly grew. Whatever the industry or countries, they had to handle conversations with customers across new digital channels such as social media, live and video chat, and instant messaging apps. Some organizations had started earlier their own digital support road map whereas others had suddenly started from scratch in 2020. What side are you on?

Online Conversations Are Here To Stay

Like it or not, the new ‘normal’ we’re all looking at will be ruled by online conversations. In fact, as a consequence of the digital pandemic acceleration, we as consumers, have higher expectations than ever. As more and more brands deliver customer service through one or more digital channels, consumers consider those who deliver poor experiences to be obsolete. That’s why smart organizations have realized that they have to invest more than ever in ‘conversations’. This is regardless of whether they take place internally with colleagues (cross-department) or externally with the final customer. So if you’re wondering where to start, learn about the first steps to build your Digital Customer Service ecosystem.

What Digital Customer Support Topics Shall I Focus On?

That’s a very good question. The best way I can answer is to share the vivid conversation I recently had with Blair Stevenson. We covered topics that many organizations need to focus on – hopefully including the ones you’re looking for? Enjoy the video!

Here’s the breakdown of where the main talking points are. Feel free to jump to the part of the conversation you’re most interested in:

  • Why having the right company culture is far more important than the digital platforms you use (03:26).
  • The common mistake organizations make in their adoption of new digital platforms (04:52).
  • Why good agents using traditional channels may not be ready to provide digital customer service, and what to do about it (06:18).
  • The two essential skillsets that agents need to be equipped with to master digital customer support (08:06).
  • Why getting rid of scripts for agents will be crucial for you to separate your organization from your competitors (12:15).
  • The cultural changes you need to meet customer expectations (14:05).
  • ‘The Blockbuster risk’ which could make your organization obsolete, and what to do about it (17:55)
  • ‘Digital Customer Service Personas©’, the skillset model to turn support agents into digital conversations specialists(20:10).
  • The framework to improve digital customer service results (26:19).

Over To You

Your customers have raised the bar and are impatient to compare their digital experiences with different providers, across different industries. What are you doing to surf digital customer support and consolidate their trust?

Have great conversations.

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