Susan Gilbert
September 7, 2015

Use the Right Keywords for More Traffic and Leads

Getting found in search is a top priority for any business these days. The right keywords are an essential part of this success, but search terms that are too broad will not get noticed.

While using tools like Google AdWords is good practice, your business can go a lot farther by discovering exactly what questions are being asked for in search and what your audience is looking for.

According to article on Search Engine Watch, “If your pages are optimized for these more conversational queries, you have a better chance of top rankings.” Long tail keyword phrases have evolved through the influence of social media, which prompted Google to change its algorithm, and as conversations evolve this will continue to become more specific.

Today long tail keywords account for 70% of search queries according to GetResponse:

search demand curve

Your business content will have a better reach online when you search for and focus on more narrow search terms that go beyond the basic keywords found in Google AdWords. There are several free methods you can take advantage of in order to find the right phrases for your target market:

● Find out what’s trending with online courses – Check out what e-learners are seeking in places like ed2go, Gatlin Education, edX, and more. By searching for specific topics and trends based on your content the information for key phrases is provided for you, like this example from a “business marketing” course query on edX:

course desciption


● Question & Answer websites and forums – Gain valuable insights from targeted users asking specific questions on a variety of topics. Yahoo Answers is one of the largest websites to conduct research on along with Quora, and forums in a particular niche topics like boating, entrepreneurs, medicine, ect.

yahoo answers

● Social media conversations – Find out what’s trending on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the latest hashtags. Twitter Advanced search can even provide more data on conversations, issues, and specific questions with expansive options:

twitter advanced

● What is your competition posting? Influencer networks like LinkedIn, Klout,, and Topsy will provide the latest posts and tweets from your industry competitors. Find out the latest trends they are writing about, and create a new or fresh spin based on what you can provide.

These free resources can give your business new ideas for targeted keyword phrases that can greatly improve your content and search engine ranking. Traditional methods such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner are also great resources that can be used in conjunction with these other websites for more narrow results. As you begin your research be sure to keep track of your data, which should be updated at least once a month as trends can change quickly.

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