Jan Gordon
September 8, 2015

The Two Facebook Metrics to Track for Success


I start writing blog posts with a question in mind. I do this because many times, before I actually start the writing, I have asked myself the same question and I don’t yet have the answer.

My quest with the blog post can be to find the answer and share the answer with you. And, other times, I don’t have the answer and the reason I’m writing is to get help (from you).

Today, I want to share the only two metrics I track on Facebook each month. And, I want a discussion to see if you’re using the same metrics as me or not.

I started asking myself how I should be reporting success (or not success) to my clients.

Who are you?

The first question I’ve been asking myself again and again while using Facebook is “who am I?” This is an important question that we all need to answer. Let’s start with me.

I’m running a business (I’m both a solo entrepreneur, and I’m working for several clients). I’m a dad, a husband, I’ve launched a Vegetarian festival and I’m Norwegian. I could have listed a lot more, but you get my point.

I started using Facebook as part of my business, and I was writing in English on my personal profile. I soon came to realize that most of my readers/friends on Facebook are Norwegian. It was a bit weird (and uncomfortable) when they started to reply in English. It was the first time I started to think about my strategy for using Facebook.

Now that we have business pages, and I can write about marketing (in English) to the people who are interested in reading about it, it’s a lot easier. But, I still don’t have the answer. Is it important to have one role and one identity when using Facebook, or should we have multiple roles and identities? Like I said above, I’m related roles and identities to me being in a business, being a dad, a husband, a friend, Norwegian etc..

I’m not sure there’s just one answer to this question. The same goes for what metrics to track on Facebook. But, let me show you the method I’m using.

I believe that you first need to set your goals. Why are you using Facebook for your business? After you’ve set your goals, it’ll be a lot easier to understand how to track them and see if you’re successful or not.

The two Facebook metrics to track

Like I said, you can have different goals. But, as a business, I believe there are two important metrics you should start with (I’m still only tracking these to metrics).

The first is reach. Set a goal for how many people you’ll reach (how many people who’ll see your status updates) every week/month. This is fairly easy to track. You can see the statistics on each status update on your business page, and you can see the full overview in “insights”.

The second metric to track is engagement. You’ll see the full overview in “insights” as well. Engagement is how many likes, shares and comments your status updates are receiving. The reason you want to track this is because Facebook is a great tool to build strong relationships (you need engagement to build relationships).

Your turn

If you track reach and engagement, and you’ve created a good definition of success, it’ll be a lot easier to create a social media plan for your business.

Now, let’s discuss both success and which metrics to track on Facebook.

You’ve seen a brief overview of the only two metrics I track on Facebook. I am using them because my clients want to reach a minimum amount of people each month and they want to build strong relationships by engaging with their followers. Reach and engagement are easy to understand for most people, and it’s fairly easy to track.

Do you use different metrics, and do you have a definition for success (a goal that you’d like to share with us)?


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