Paolo Fabrizio
December 3, 2019

How To Use Digital Customer Service To Make Business Alliances

Use Digital Customer Service To Build Business Alliances

‘Tool’ is definitely one the most frequently used terms in Digital Customer Service. But it is overvalued. Actually it’s just part of the solution. In fact, even though tools are very important, they are not enough to deliver excellent and consistent customer experiences. The other missing ingredient? People soft skills, meaning those who daily interact with customers providing support. So let’s see how to use digital customer service to make business alliances with other departments to improve internal communication and leverage overall business results.

Break Down the Silos and Build Up Profitable Relationships

As I’ve been living and breathing customer service for 30 years, I’ve noticed that some recurring business pain points:

  • Customer Service contribution is often underrated. Some still consider it as a cost centre, others just as a complaint department. Actually, too few as a profit centre.
  • Customer Service managers feel frustrated because they struggle to get budgets for digital tools and/or people training
  • Marketing and Sales managers are under pressure to reach up-selling and cross-selling goals, but at the same time they don’t rely on customer service insights(!)
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service have poor internal communication or -sometimes – lack thereof. It’s as if they’re competitors, and not ultimately wanting what is best for the same company!

“Don’t have lunch with them, don’t even talk to them!” – said a manager to his team.

Siloed organization

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So the most urgent mindset shift for any manager, regardless of the department, is taking care of online conversations with customers. The most effective way to do that is by analyzing conversations to understand what customers like and dislike and WHY they do. Accordingly, they must share insights in between departments.

A Successful Case

One year ago, a client of mine started to have bi-weekly meetings with marketing, sales and customer service managers. In the beginning, all of them were rather reluctant. But they soon realized that breaking down their silos (prejudices) and building up a co-operation model, would lead to excellent business results. Today they all share useful insights in order to achieve a common bigger goal: improving customer retention in the long run.

Over To You

Building up business alliances between departments is the most profitable way to deliver excellent experiences in every phase (pre-sales, sales, after-sales). Each will consolidate your customers’ trust. Because when you get a new customer you haven’t won them yet.

They just gave you a short-term trust credit and it’s up to you to handle it with care.

Have great conversations.

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