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10 Proven eCommerce Web Design Hacks to Get More Sales

eCommerce Web Design

As an owner of an eCommerce site, your biggest goal is attracting more clients to your web resources, thus generating more sales. But how can one motivate a web user for a purchase? What are the secret tricks that one needs to take into account when working on the optimization and design of an eCommerce

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Jan Gordon

Social Media Insights and Monitoring on a Startup Budget

By Shelly Kramer So a month (or several) ago I had my great friend Wendy Scherer of The Social Studies Group on the  #V3Live Videochat Show. The topic we discussed was one that pretty much everyone is interested in — Maximizing Social Media Monitoring and Insights on a Startup Budget. I mean, who doesn’t want

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Jan Gordon

Beware: Online Marketing Experts Aren’t Always Right

By Barry Feldman True or false: You should do what online marketing experts say.  Tralse? Fue? Help me. I’m looking for some middle ground. See, online marketing is: (A) Hard (B) Ever-changing (C) Continuously experimental (D) Different for everybody (E) All of the above You bet your life the answer’s (E). Marketing changes at the speed of