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April 12, 2018

Why Sales Funnels Are So Effective for Online Marketing

Why Sales Funnels Are So Effective

Sales in the modern age are more often than not made online. That’s why if you have an effective sales funnel you can generate leads and complete sales.

In fact, there are several reasons why sales funnels are so effective with online marketing.

Building Trust with the Customer

Digital shoppers are pretty savvy customers. They have to be in order to tell the difference between a genuine internet deal and a scam.

An effective sales funnel will be able to incorporate this concept into the overall marketing strategy. For example:

  • Having a high search engine result. This means other people have searched for or used your site.
  • A website that is professional looking has clean lines, and clearly describes the products or services.
  • Providing authentic online reviews that have helpful information.

All this and more helps you to build trust with your digital customers.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Effectively Utilize Sales Funnels

1: Multi-Page Approach

Another reason why sales funnels are effective online is thanks to the multi-page approach to close a sale.

Think about it, when you buy something online do you ever just stay on one page? No!

In actuality, you are moved through a series of pages as you shop. There will even be other items on the side or below of the web page that are similar to the one you have just searched. For example, if you are on a website looking for running shoes, there will likely be other shoes featured too.

2: Pre-framed Funnels

The process of having a client move through a series of pages creates what’s called pre-frame.

This is when the customer basically does everything you hope. Instead of being turned off by what they see and moving on, the customer is maintaining interest in your site.

This helps steer them towards the mindset of making a decision and you creating a sale.

3: Building a Call to Action Into Your Site

In the sales funnel, a customer gets to the point where they are ready to commit to action. In the digital space, you can build this into your website.

The “Buy Now” button is just such a tool. By incorporating the button at the end of the product description, your customer has an easy opportunity to take action.

Another example of how this works is the non-profit sector. Potential donors go through a sales funnel at the end of which there is the “Donate Now” button to click on. Just as with your website, by the time they have reached this point, the donor is ready to take action.

4: Offering Bonuses at Checkout

During the checkout process, you can have bonus offers or a discount to further entice the sale. This helps put the customer at ease that they are making the right decision. Also, that they are being valued and respected as a consumer by your business.

5: Using Data to Improve Sales

A good marketing campaign relies on Data. You need to know what your customers are buying, how often, what amounts, etc. The beauty of digital sales funnels is that you can create tools to help you analyze buying patterns.

Once you understand these patterns, you can more effectively target your campaign to promote more sales. This, in turn, then generates more revenue for you.

In Closing

Sales funnels are not a new concept. However, they have been adapted for use in the digital age. This has been to great effect.

Digital sales funnels can take marketing concepts such as building trust with the customer and facilitating the decision-making process to a higher level. Also, you have the chance to generate user data that helps you better target your audience.

Any Comments?

Is there anything that you’d like to add to the above? What have you found to be the most beneficial to push people through your sales funnel? Please share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

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