Paolo Fabrizio
March 5, 2018

Stop Wasting Your Customer’s Time If You Want To Keep Them

Stop Wasting Your Customer's Time

Putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes is the best approach to serve them best.

Imagine that you need some information. You ask for it, but nobody answers. Also consider that you had paid that brand to get such information, but they just did not do it. So, how would you feel about that?” 

I guess your face is showing the same negative expression as the audience of the Customer Service Conference in MiIan, where I asked the same question a few days ago…

Why Customers Abandon Brands

In today’s digital fast-paced world, we as customers have dramatically raised our expectations in terms of TIME.

In fact, when it comes to customer service, we want to have easy access to the information we’re looking for (self-service) and/or use digital channels to interact and get fast replies (social networks, live chat, instant messaging apps).

Consequently, the game has become pretty tough for those brands who are frustrating customers instead of responding to them in a timely and effective manner. As competitors are just one click away, the door to disloyalty is always open…

Corporate Executive Board

Wasting customer’s time is the perfect suicide. are you doing to reduce customer’s efforts?

Regardless of whether you’re a small or big brand, the battleground is shifting from price to EXPERIENCE. So it’s paramount that you understand how your customer feels when they get in touch with you. This is regardless of whether s/he visits your store, your website or interacts with your support staff. Consequently, delivering consistently frictionless experiences should be your main goal in standing apart from and above your competitors, thus winning and retaining customers.

Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences [FREE online event]

I love sharing experiences online with other colleagues around the world. Even though we come from different cultures, we can learn from each other as we have the same goal – helping brands leverage customer service /experience as a key differentiator. So you can imagine how I felt when Abraham Venismach asked me to join one of the greatest CX online events of 2018, the CX Success Summit, with over 35 experts giving FREE live masterclasses, starting right this week. 

Here are the first scheduled live sessions:

Sunday, March 4th: Kick off! – live at 3pm ET
Kick off CX Masterclass week

Day 1 – Monday, March 5th: Annette Franz, CCXP – live at 3pm ET
Journey Maps: 6 Steps from Maps to Outcomes

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 6th: John DeJulius – live at 3pm ET
10 Commandments to Creating A World-Class Customer Service Organization

Day 3 – Wednesday, March 7th: Adrian Swinscoe – live at 3pm ET
The 5 Essentials of a Wow Customer Experience

Day 4 – Thursday, March 8th: Nick Bush – live at 3pm ET
Closing the Loop on Complaints: 7 Steps to Turn Dissatisfied Customers into Your Greatest Fans

Day 5 – Sunday, March 11th: Abraham Venismach, CX Success Summit Producer – live at 3pm ET
Small Biz CX Success Story: How I went from $70K in the red to 90K in the black in 3 years.

Day 6 – Monday, March 12th: Paolo Fabrizio – live at 3pm ET
9 steps to Social Customer Service

Day 7 – Tuesday, March 13th: Mike Wittenstein – live at 3pm ET
How To Sell Your Next CX Project to the C-Suite

Day 8 – Wednesday, March 14th: Chip Bell – live at 3pm ET
Customer Shock & Awe…How to get your customer to say “WHOA, that was totally unexpected!”

I hope to interact with you at the CX Success Summit. Click now on the image to get your FREE pass↓

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Over to you

Stop wasting customer’s time. Provide quick, effective answers. And most of all, make their lives easier. Do it consistently and you’ll win their trust day by day.

Remember: trust is the most powerful antidote against competitors.


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Paolo Fabrizio

Paolo Fabrizio is Social CRM, Blogger, Speaker. He is a pioneer of online customer service, taking part of insurance start-ups since the 90's. An eclectic gentleman obsessed by Social Customer Service. Multilingual professional, passionate about rugby and serial smiler
  • Moss Clement

    Hi Paolo,

    There are numerous factors that can lead to wasting your customers time and effectively loose them to your competitors. Being able to identify these loop holes and address accordingly is key to the success of your marketing campaigns.

    Customer service for example plays a crucial role in making or breaking your business. How conducive is your customer service environment?

    Is your customer service one that doesn’t respond to customers inquiry, etc?

    Interacting with your customers and responding on time to whatever issues, complaint, or inquiries is a good way to go to help you retain your customers.

    Your article is super great. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Moss,

      Thank you for your comment – I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed this article.

      When you say ‘environment’ I think about all the daily conditions in which customer assistants operate. i.e.:
      – Digital tools (can they track threaded customer contact history?)
      – Are they empowered to communicate internally (with other departments to easily get info and reply to customers?
      – Are they well trained (especially if providing assistance via social networks, live chat or apps?

      All the above elements contribute to deliver great or – in lack thereof – poor customer experiences.

      As for your second question, we shall always provide answers to every single customer, regardless via traditional or digital channels. Customers are people – and nobody doesn’t want to be ignored.

      Thanks again and have great conversations.