Paolo Fabrizio
January 8, 2018

How To Manage Customer Service Triggers

Customer Service Triggers

A couple of weeks ago I met the customer service manager of a mid-sized company. He told me about their first pivotal attempt to deliver support thru digital channels, and why they’ve decided to quit after a short time. Guess what? They quit because they we’re receiving many complaints via live chat and Twitter. Now, let’s come to your experience: how do you react when your customer service underperforms or faces some difficulties?

Learn below how to manage the two main customer service triggers in order to deliver excellent support.

1. Emotional

It’s the very first reaction when you realize that something is going wrong; you may feel nervous, worried, angry or afraid. That’s normal as we’re human beings. But at the same time, this negative emotional mix may be misleading as earlier mentioned. And that can lead to bad, counter-productive reactions. For example, the reaction to live chat getting many complaints being the closing of the channel to stop that from happening. In such cases you should ask yourself instead:

  • Why do my customers use a specific channel to vent their frustration / dissatisfaction?

TIP: when you need to take important decisions for your business don’t just rely on emotions. Go further.

2. Objective

After overcoming the emotional trigger, it’s time to investigate the problem. Get useful information and understand what’s straining or breaking the relationship with your customers. Therefore during this second scenario, avoid ‘in my opinion’ ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’ and get straight to the pain points:

  • What’s the root cause of customer’s complaints?
  • How can I deliver effective support regardless the channel?
  • Where can I get useful advice?

With regard to the first two questions, get hints and tips to collect customer’s feedback reading the secret of effective communication with customersAs for the third question, you can take advantage of the Customer Experience Success Summit, an online event with international experts offering actionable tips to help people improve their relationships with customers.

It will take place in March and I’m really honored to be part of it.


GOOD NEWS FOR YOU → as the ‘Q&A Expert Roundup’ of the event is already live; you can enjoy all posts with valuable tips + submit your questions HERE!

Over to you

When you face any kind of issue, do acknowledge both customer service triggers. And always focus on what’s really objective before taking action. Even the best brands sometimes stumble. But the best ones are those quicker to learn from their mistakes. Remember: what’s been great for your customers until recently might have become just ‘common’ today.

What are you doing to stay up-to-date with their expectations?


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