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February 20, 2017

Interview: Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017 & Beyond

Social Media Marketing: Jan Gordon Interview


Prior to this interview, I worked with a number of major influencers, including Sam Hurley, Timothy Hughes. I continue with excitement and optimism that people want content which is fresh, to the point and from the influencer themselves.Therefore it is great to announce my next interview with Jan Gordon. Jan was voted a Top 20 Influencer in 2016 on Scribble-Live, just for her hard working nature in what she does herself. She supplies great content through her brand, Curatti, publishing important information about what is going to happen in Social Media Marketing in 2017 and beyond- which is a topic we are going to cover now.

The world is changing and we need more than just generic content. It is my aim to provide this through my interviews. I hope you like this and my others.

The Jan Gordon Interview

Interview1- So Jan my first question to you is, as a Social Media expert what big changes do you expect to see in Social Media Marketing in 2017 and beyond?

The beauty of being a small company is that we can very readily adapt to change. So when people talk about the emerging importance of video content, for example, we can make moves in that direction. And certainly, we can adapt to advances in intelligent automated marketing. But the truth is, whereas we read all of the predictions of what is on the horizon each year, these predictions typically seem about as accurate as New Year’s resolutions are successful. I can sooner predict 20 years from now than I can this year. That’s because change comes in leaps, followed by slower progression and uptake.

2-Are companies doing enough to implement Social Media Marketing to their Arsenal in their business?

It’s a funny thing. Some big companies have completely embraced SMM and there are some big success stories. But there are still the half-hearted efforts of those who are doing it under duress, kicking and screaming, hating everything about it and seemingly willing the efforts to fail.

As for small companies, there is a line in the sand. On the one side, there are the newer companies and startups that mostly take for granted that they can’t succeed without Social Media. On the other side are the older companies who, while in theory are more nimble than the enterprises, are more likely to be reluctant to join the new world.

So overall, I’d say there are two answers to your question, not one. But we continue to edge in the right direction. If you want to stay relevant and rise above the noise, consistently provide value, engage with your audience, thank them often, follow up quickly.

3-In 2017, do you think Social Media Marketing will change for the business?

Well I’ve certainly read a lot about how crazy percentages of content will be video. And while I agree it is becoming more important, I don’t buy into the boldest predictions. They all presume that all consumers want to watch more and more videos and no longer want to read. So I can only disagree with these predictions. Or at least I can say that depending on their niche, companies that do make 80% of their content, video, will be disappointed with the results.

The most important thing is to always keep in mind the burning needs of your customer, how they consume information and deliver it to them the way they want it, when they want it.

Social Media Marketing is a valuable touch point, and it takes at least 7 of these to build trust before anyone will purchase your goods and services. It is a must in today’s digital marketplace.

4-What will Social Media marketing in terms of automation mean? Are companies prepared for these changes- will there be more of it?

AutomationOld style automation is seriously frowned upon now. The days of impersonal messages are gone. We’re too sophisticated for them as consumers now, and smart marketers don’t do what they don’t like others doing.

I’m seeing more and more evidence that companies are adapting, and personalizing their messaging. Or at least they’re adding our name into their pre-programmed, timed-release marketing. But even that is looking ever more futile. So what’s next?

We’re already seeing some evidence of sales funnels that really are more tailored. As smarter automated messaging becomes more affordable and cheaper for marketers, there will be a big increase in its success. But there is one very big caveat. It will only work if companies also adopt social customer service. There is no point in pretending to be sending out messages at specific times, if you’ve made no provision for contact by your prospects.

5- What new things can we learn about Social Media Marketing for 2017?

This is one broad question! What new tools will there be that we’ve yet to hear about? There will certainly be some. And nobody should even think about learning all of them. So the advice here is the same as it is every year. Always be aware of how you can improve various aspects of your marketing. Know where to look and who to follow, in order to keep abreast of changes. And be discerning in where you focus your efforts.

If new marketers can learn one big thing, it’s that they shouldn’t try to learn and stay on top of everything.

For the more experienced and successful social media marketers, the most important thing isn’t so much that they learn a particular new thing. They need to remember something. Never become complacent in their lofty position. This world of constant change is the most unforgiving of business environments, and any thoughts anyone might have that their reputation will sustain them, will surely find otherwise, as they witness more nimble up and comers overtaking them.

6- And my last question is, as an expert is there anything else you like add about Social Media Marketing for the year ahead? 

Don’t only keep an eye on new hot products, tools and networks. Also pay special attention to the established thought leaders. And always have an eye on the new generation of up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow. The kids of Gen Z are about to take the world by storm. They have an intuitive feel for technology and social networks that stems from them growing up with a mobile phone in their hands. They have never been unconnected. And they are the not-very distant future. Anyone who has yet to learn that, needs to quickly!

What Do You Think?

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Originally published on LinkedIn, titled “My Interview with Jan Gordon- What is going to happen to Social Media Marketing in 2017 and Beyond?“. It is republished here with permission.

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