Alice Elliott
February 21, 2017

How An Awesome Headline Can Make a Big Difference to Your Post

awesome headline

The first thing your reader will probably read will be your post’s headline. But it won’t necessarily be on your blog.

This is because the headline’s purpose is to act as a hook to draw your reader into your blog to read your post. And it can be found in a variety of different places.

RSS delivers your post’s link, together with its awesome headline, onto social media networks and reader platforms without any of the post’s content being visible.

Which means your headline needs to be awesome enough to attract attention, deliver its message and entice the reader to follow the link and read the post.

If you want to get to find out more how headlines work, this Infographic will explain more:

Awesome headlines

Making Introductions

Since your post’s awesome headline can be found in many places, it is acting alone without the post’s content to help it.

So it only has a split second to introduce a subject that may interest a passing potential reader. And what’s worse, it will be competing with thousands of other headlines shouting the same thing.

Your awesome headline will need special qualities that makes your subject sound infinitely better. It needs to imply your post contains extremely valuable content that is definitely worth reading.

Attention Grabbing

Consider using curiosity as a trait that could be turned to your advantage. Something out of the ordinary that stands out above the rest of the noise.

Offer a fantastic solution, or brazenly mention an outrageous statement. All you need is a few precious nano-seconds that stops a scanning reader in his tracks.

Your awesome headline should offer something that will improve the life of your readers. Make them feel special and privileged to have found your post.

Be Convincing

Your readers will be wallowing in a sea of similar headlines, all shouting the same message. Therefore your awesome headline needs to suggest that your post is the best, far superior than the rest, and should be read first.

Do this by resonating with your reader’s wants, desires and needs. Offer answers to their questions, or solutions to their problems. Give the impression your blog has enough authority to make it rise above the other blogs.

Remember most readers are searching for answers and information. Your awesome headline should offer this clearly and in an obvious manner. This will result in a much better take-up.

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Recognising Problems

Headlines that acknowledge the sort of problems readers have are instantly attractive. This is particularly so if the subject is instantly relatable to the reader.

The art is to combine the problem with the desired solution. Show what success your reader could have if they read the post. You could even stimulate a bigger desire by exaggerating things slightly.

There may be many posts talking about the same problems and solutions. So your awesome headline needs to suggest your post offers much more value to your readers.

Realistic Honesty

Promising the earth will certainly attract your readers’ attention. However, it is extremely important to honour each claim to prevent losing the respect of your readers.

Offering such suggestions in your headlines need to be realised in your post’s content. Your readers will brand you as a fraud if it become obvious you know nothing about this subject, or can offer very little in return.

And make sure your solutions provided are suitably actionable. Your reader needs to feel they can easily use your wisdom to improve their lives accordingly.

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List Your Mistakes

One of the best headline styles to use is a list. You could use numbers or add each item to an Infographic like mine above.

Numbered lists can be very attractive to readers. Use a realistic number, such as 10 (always an appealing number). Some bloggers offer huge lists, but these usually contain a lot of repetitions, which is both annoying and unnecessary.

Another list readers love are mistakes. Most people have a dread of doing things wrong. If you can reveal what not to do or what to avoid, especially if combined with solutions or good practice, you will be onto a winner.

Practise Your Awesome Headline

It is extremely rare to write an awesome headline the first time around. Headlines need to be worked on, just like anything that needs perfecting.

You know you have a very short time to attract the attention of a potential reader. So you need to write many examples of your headline to see which one is the best. You will know when you have created ‘the one’ when you see it, as it will hit you between the eyes.

Creating headlines that are awesome is a life-long process of experimenting and practising. Some blogging experts spend a huge amount of time writing their headlines. This is because they know the importance of an awesome headline.

Readers Always Know Best

However, you will never perfect the art of writing awesome headlines if you don’t know who your ideal reader is.

You need to truly understand your audience to give them what they want. Try and create an affinity between you and them. Make your headline reach out to your readers, and they will adapt themselves to suit your subject and message.

Always have your reader in your mind when writing your next awesome headline. Give them what they crave by answering their questions, acknowledging their pain, and offering the solutions they are looking for.

Now it’s Your Turn

Let me know what you think of this post in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you. Especially if you have any stories of how an awesome headline has made your blog successful! I’d also love to see examples of genuine (non-clickbait) headlines you just had to click on


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