Susan Gilbert
December 9, 2014

Increase Your Sales With a Custom Thank You Page

When a website visitor subscribes or purchases a product from your business where are they directed to next?

Chances are these leads are taken to a generic thank you landing page, and the potential for more sales and conversions is lost. But what if you could create something that will offer an incentive for filling out that all important optin form? The good news is that with a few changes your business could be reaping the rewards of a great thank you page on your website.

An automated response can be impersonal and generic while a personalized thank you page encourages subscribers and customers to come back for more and engage with your business. This also communicates that your company cares about those who come to their website and that they are valued.

It’s important to use an email service like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, or Infusionsoft to follow-up with your new leads and sales. According to a study by Bain and Company included in a Constant Contact report a returning customer will spend 67 percent more than a new customer.

The following are some ways you can use a thank you page to increase more conversions and sales for your business:

● Offer social media links – Help people find your business in other places online such as your Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Consider offering an incentive for following you such as a discount or free report.

● Give away a product or service – Does your business have something special it can offer leads and new customers? This can include a product sample, free chapter of a book, a free report, and more. Make this a one-time offer to build value and a level of excitement.

● Announce news or important events – A great thank you page can not only show your visitors more of what your business has to offer, but can also entice people with exciting news and events exclusive to them. This could include an informative webinar or information only available to subscribers.

● Provide helpful resources and discount codes – Your customers are on the lookout for the next best deal, and so why not be the one to provide that for them? Decide what resources your business has to offer with icing on the cake of a discount or coupon code.

A great thank you page can be fun, creative and inviting. Consider using alternative headlines such as “Congratulations,” “You’re Special,” or “Don’t Miss Out.” A personalized message also works well like this great example from


When your business optimizes a personalized thank you page with news, incentives, or offers you are opening the door for more opportunities for follow-ups and sales in a subtle marketing method. This is also a place to show your customers how they will be treated even before receiving their first product or service.

As you start to receive responses from your website subscribers new insights are being gathered about your target market and their needs. It’s important to create a landing page that meets their expectations and is consistent with your branding message.

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