Paolo Fabrizio
October 6, 2020

How To Use WhatsApp Customer Support To Beat Your Competitors

WhatsApp Customer Support

Once upon a recent time, it took years for new communication tools to become customer support channels. I remember that during the 90’s we had long discussions within our claims department before deciding to respond to customers via email! Today everything happens much faster, especially changes in behavior and habits. In 2020 most people use digital channels on a daily basis. Thus they expect brands to do the same providing excellent support. Consequently, messaging apps for Digital Customers Service such as WhatsApp have dramatically surged.

So, how organizations can take advantage of it?

Do Invest, But Wisely 

Smart organizations offer consistent digital customer experiences because they invested in these both two main pillars:

1. [Technology → tools] getting equipped with a digital omnichannel platform that suits your specific needs in order to track, manage all conversations with your customers regarding the incoming channels (e.g. phone, email, WhatsApp).

TIP: even though you’re currently providing support only via phone and email you need a omnichannel platform to get prepared to integrate new digital channels as well as setting up ad-hoc KPIs in a scalable way.

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2. [People → new skills] enabling your customer service representatives/agents to master digital conversations. The only way to do that is developing ad hoc specific knowledge, capabilities and attitudes to get your agents properly upskilled.

TIP: consider that every digital channel owns different engagement tone of voice and engagement rules.

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Build a Team of WhatsApp Support Specialists [Case Study]

The moment you’re equipped either with your digital platform and digital conversations specialist, you’re ready to provide superior customer experiences consistently. By doing that you’re also paving the way to stand out from your competitors because you are consolidating your customer’s trust, day after day. Conversation after conversation. Having helped many clients doing that, I’m glad to share with you may newest case study ‘building a team of Whatsapp customer support specialists‘ where you’ll get:

  • A laser-focussed analysis of main challenges that the client had to face
  • The customized solutions and the methodology used
  • Main benefits that the client achieved within a short period
  • An exclusive audio note where I let you deep dive into more details
  • A clean layout designed to ease your reading and sharing with your colleagues


Whatsapp customer support team

Over To You

Digital Customer Service is rapidly evolving as fast as consumers behaviors and expectations change. That’s why if you’re still talking about digital support as the future or ‘something that we should do…’ you’re bound to become OBSOLETE. Because that’s what most customers think.

2020 woke up many brands: are you just listening or taking action?

Have great conversations.

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