Nas Bianchi
October 7, 2020

Top Video-Sharing Platforms For Business [Infographic]

Top Video Sharing Platforms [Infographic]

Getting extensive popularity for a brand is crucial to businesses and startups. Choosing the right platform that can efficiently give you the most traffic is a whole other story. Traditionally, using well-written text was very common. But by now, as you all know, video sharing has become extremely popular. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. By that token, you could say a video is worth a billion!

Almost 82% of internet traffic goes through video content. That is a significant volume, considering the vast ocean of the internet. This number is undeniable proof of how important it is to know top video-sharing platforms for a business.

While establishing the importance of video-sharing platforms, the task should be finding the best ones. Choose the platforms that are capable of giving you and your business the most exposure possible. Considering the existing platforms, here are some tips to help you know about top video-sharing platforms for a business.


Facebook is by far the best platform for sharing your video. This is because so many people engage and watch videos on there. Facebook offers you another advantage over other platforms – the length of the video. You can upload videos up to 240 minutes, which beats the competition out of sight!


The number of videos being uploaded on YouTube is way too high. However, because Google owns this platform, it is likely to give you a higher search ranking.

You can upload videos free-of-charge, but you will have advertisements on your videos. The good news is that YouTube has unlimited file size and bandwidth. The bad news is that your videos should be less than 15 minutes – unless you are a partner.


This platform might not be as old as Facebook or YouTube, but it had a strong start. And its large member community is highly active.

What made Snapchat stand out and attract so many users quickly was its new features. These include Lenses, Animated Stickers, Geofilters, and more.

Some may not consider this platform a strong competitor to other video sharing platforms, but it is very much in the game.


Instagram was originally strictly a picture sharing platform. As it gained more popularity, video sharing was added to keep the old users and gain more. It gained prominence for its cute and live filters, which excited users.

Instagram also gives users the ability to have or watch stories, a short video stream, or a passing posted picture available for only 24 hours.

With the increase in the number of users and a huge demand to share movie videos, IGTV is now available on Instagram to post longer videos and generate more leads.

Video-Sharing Platforms Infographic

The infographic below lets you know some crucial statistics about these platforms so you can choose the best video marketing strategy for your business.

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