Susan Gilbert
November 16, 2015

How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business Marketing

Since 2010 Pinterest has continually and quickly risen to one of the top social networks with more than 70 million active users worldwide. Not only are images and videos a big hit, but content from blogs as well.

According to an article on Business Insider, men are becoming increasingly interested in participating on Pinterest with a 73 percent growth in 2014. And in the United States alone the number of both male and female users is climbing dramatically as shown in this graph from Statista:

pinterest users
Clearly Pinterest has established itself as a key element to a business marketing strategy in order to attract more visitors to your website and other social networks.

In order to be effective your business needs to go beyond creating boards and pinning content and images. With the right target market research and tools you can reach the most users with focused pins that will be shared.

Depending on your niche your pins could include:

● Professional images that relate well with your brand identity
● Interesting, informative, and entertaining videos
● Blog posts from your website and your influencers
● Re-pins from relevant users

With targeted boards your business can attract users who are most likely interested in your products or services. Pinterest’s powerful search tool allows them to find content based on your keywords, which does not require a hashtag. Each board represents your mission statement, and also provides a personal side that your audience can relate to, like this example from PostPlanner:


One of the benefits of sharing content on Pinterest is the longevity of your pins, which is far more than other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With a simple “Pin It” button installed on your website you can encourage your readers to share your articles, which have the potential to be repinned for years to come.

This pin was originally generated from Mashable in August of 2014, and currently has 87 repins, and 7 likes:


In order to reach the most followers on Pinterest your business can set up your account for success in the following ways:

● Connect with current influencers on Facebook – Find relevant users to connect with if your profile is set up on Pinterest. Take a look at their biography, links, number of pins and boards to find out whether they are a good fit for your brand:


● Create relevant boards – Once your profile includes your biography, links, and social networks your business should create at least five boards that represent what you have to offer. Here’s a great example from life coach, Beverley Glazer:


● Start pinning on a regular basis – In order to attract the most activity start pinning at least one piece of content a day. This can include direct pins from your website or an industry blog post, repins, and direct uploads of images and videos. The more pins the better as this will attract followers.

● Set up Rich Pins on your website – This might take the help of a developer, but is well worth the effort. With Rich Pins on Pinterest your business can stand out from the rest with bold headlines and the ability to include more information. Your business can also use these to add maps, product pricing, lists, and more.

● Track your results – One of the other benefits to users on Pinterest is their free business analytics tool, which provides statistics and insights on how well your pins are performing. This can all be set up for free, and helps you monitor and adjust your marketing strategy for less spam and better pins and followers. This is also a good way to find out how many times readers are pinning directly from your website:

Pinterest analytics

As your business remains active on Pinterest you can use this growing social network to attract new subscribers to your website, engage with other influencers in your niche, and increase leads and sales. You can enjoy lasting results and more visibility through cross promotion and participating in comments, likes, and repins.

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