Julie Pearce
November 15, 2015

Bulletproof Content Marketing

Within the space of one week I had two friends independently greet me, almost identically. It went a little like this:

“Sorry, you enjoy a wine, but I can’t, I’m in keto right now…”

In what? ‘Keto’ hasn’t made it to the Oxford dictionary. But it will…

Speaking the language

What had I missed? What is in keto? Their new found knowledge peppered our conversations with new terms like bio-hacking; bio-hack and Bulletproof CoffeeTM. The terms rolled off their ketosis swollen tongues like coconut water on grass fed butter.

Phenomenal behavioural transformation in a blink

They were telling me that I could eat saturated fat to my aorta’s content. As much of it as I liked, provided it came from grass fed animal sources, or from the biochemical cocktail of goodness provided by saturated fats from plant sources, such as avocados and coconut. And – that wholegrain was bad for us. That in fact, eating white bread was more beneficial than eating wholemeal bread. This was turning the food pyramid completely on its head. This was eating behaviour change that went against everything our generation had been taught for decades.

What was behind their nutritional transformation?  How could any individual or organisation influence such a turnaround, so quickly? After my second social outing had been sabotaged by Bulletproof chatter, I couldn’t wait to get researching. I had to find out whether my friends were onto something scientifically ground breaking, whether they’d simply fallen under the hypnotic effects of amazingly effective content marketing, or both. And if content marketing was behind it – I had to have me some of that strategy, now!

Before I get into the detail, a quick disclaimer. I am not a skeptic of Bulletproof by any stretch. I have even enjoyed a Bulletproof CoffeeTM complete with three tablespoons of saturated fat! I am genuinely impressed by the way in which they have influenced a fast growing tribe of converted Bulletproofers. And I truly believe, that you and I can benefit from unpacking their content marketing strategy, and applying it to our own.

Bulletproof content marketing, and some science

There is indeed a rock solid, bulletproof content marketing strategy and schedule behind Bulletproof’s protein soaked, highly convincing dietary formula. There may be some science too. In fact, I’m convinced that there is and scientific method is a great way to convince someone of something, unless you can prove otherwise.

Look up Dave Asprey – on any social media channel. Look up BulletproofExec.com. He and his team have spread their word by online osmosis, helped along by the propulsion of the Atkins, its variations and then the Paleo diet wave. Here is what I’ve unpacked of what I have observed of Bulletproof’s content marketing strategy. (Love your work Bulletproof!)

1.    Trademark a language. Get it mainstream.

On investing time in some cyber research, I discovered one of the great minds behind Bulletproof’s content strategy on LinkedIn. VP of Content, Susan Lyon is my new found content-guru-to-follow! Guess what? According to her LinkedIn profile, one of her earlier key deliverables with Bulletproof Exec, was ‘to help make bio-hacking mainstream.’ Two years later, the term bio-hacking is indeed, mainstream, certainly in circles where Bulletproof’s target market lurk.

The consistent thought leading, cutting edge and disruptive language and tone used throughout all their content is very appealing to anyone that considers themselves intelligent, informed health aficionados. We know that better health is mostly always associated with better financial position. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Health and Socioeconomic Disadvantage article is just one of many published reports supporting research that consistently shows that people who live with poorer socioeconomic conditions tend to have worse health than those with better socioeconomic conditions.  And buying Bulletproof trademarked products, and produce supported by their research, does require a healthy disposable income.

A Bulletproof devotee will talk medium-chain triglycerides and ketones without missing a blink of an eyelid. Mainstream.

Getting right back to brand basics, this is all about matching tone and language to engage – and excite – your target market.

2.    Invest in research. Supercharge your positioning as a thought leader.

Sharing comprehensive reports and research breakthroughs on bio-hacking, nutrition, food psychology, neuroscience and human performance support that Bulletproof is deadly serious about its audience’s health and well-being.

Their investment in publishing well researched articles demonstrates to their audience that they really know their stuff – “they care enough about my health to bring me the very latest scientific research. I am part of a community that cares for my well-being. I trust them implicitly”.

As a result, their online tribe feel like they are right in the know, as it happens. The research appears to be pushing the boundaries of what we thought we knew, and breaking rules. Provided trust has been established – and sharing scientific research has helped this process – the target market are people prepared to take on measured risk for the return of extraordinary health benefits.

The target audience love this, because they value health and well-being above everything, and they take pride in being knowledgeable on emerging bio-hacking technology.

Getting right back to basics again, this is about moving your target audience from awareness of your brand, to deeper consideration of buying into it. Building a community that feels caring, inclusive and exclusive. Build trust and reputation through demonstrating strong thought leadership in topics deeply relevant to your target market.

3.    Drop in on a wave in near perfect conditions

In the early 1970s, Robert Atkins read a medical research paper from the late 1950s that inspired his low carbohydrate, more protein approach to nutrition. This was the beginning of making the metabolic process of ketosis (now evolved into people recognising when they’re ‘in keto’), mainstream. Then in the early 2000s, the Atkins diet saw a resurgence, and again in 2010. The mainstream shift in nutritional thinking has continued, with the Paleo diet lifestyle resulting in dedicated Paleo cafes popping up across shopping malls and retail strips. It was the perfect time, to stir up the masses just a little more. And so Dave Asprey did.

By his own admission, Dave Asprey’s background is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur – not a doctor of medicine or nutrition. On his ‘About’ page he shares it was a personal mission to hack his own biology that was the driver behind Bulletproof. He tapped into the swell, at exactly the right time, and put everything in place ready to ride the wave that his Bulletproof® blueprint helped top off perfect conditions for.

The blueprint provides perfect fodder for leading followers very happily down BulletproofTM products and related products, sales funnel – from Bulletproof CoffeeTM to books, to supplements, to events, to marketing of grass fed butters and beef. Grass fed producers would (and I’m guessing they already do) wholeheartedly embrace and support the Bulletproof movement. And right at a time when other research has been considerably unfavourable about health benefits of red meat and saturated fats.

Getting back to basics again, sharing topical content, and better still, staying ahead of the curve on the buzz of the moment translates into abundant reach in social media terms, and keeps search engine giant Google very happy to bump up your search results.

While there is some interesting science in Dave Asprey’s blueprint, compelling thought leadership is, I believe, the secret behind Bulletproof’s incredible, almost cult like following.

And…being able to indulge in foods many of us salivate for, while enhancing our physical and mental health, and our IQ. What’s not to love?!

Respect. Dave Asprey and team. Respect for your content marketing genius.


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