Susan Gilbert
August 17, 2015

How Q and A Can Drive More Traffic and Leads for Your Business

As you establish yourself as an expert in your niche,  you’ll want to attract more visitors to your website who can be converted into sales. A good plan of action is to go where other like-minded professionals are and showcase your knowledge.

There are few networks that currently offer this such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook, which offer targeted groups where you can provide helpful content and advice. Another powerful tool that has been emerging is called, Quora.

Founded in 2009, this networking and question and answer platform has grown to include around 1.1 million users in the U.S. alone. What makes this website unique is that users are required to use their actual names, and provides an opportunity to display your credentials, website link, and answers in your topic of interest.

Questions and answers are available in over 500,000 subjects, and can attract new leads and the media, like this example from CNN, which featured a question directly from Quora:


Question and answer websites are increasingly popular, and what makes this platform unique are the vetted users along with the ability to publish blog posts. The topics are also more focused and answered by industry professionals such as yourself.

By being active on Quora your business can enhance its online reputation along with building more traffic to your website, and cross promoting content. As you provide helpful answers to your target market these leads will be more inclined to connect with you on social media and on your website.

Here are several ways your business can attract more leads and customers with Quora:

●      Have a clear bio with links – When users see your name they will want to know exactly what our business is about and what you can offer them. Include a concise, brief description that is consistent with your other online properties with a link to your company website. Here’s a great example from author and entrepreneur, Greg Colton:

Greg Colton


●      Follow your topics of interest – Create a list of topics that your business is knowledgeable about. Depending on your niche this can be as many as ten where you can answer questions and provide helpful insights. These are also displayed on your bio page so that your followers know exactly what to look for in your business.

●      Answer questions you’ve already written about – A good place to start on Quora is using your own content as a reference and answering questions based on your knowledge of a particular topic. Unlike a blog post you will want to keep these brief, and include any helpful links to follow, like this answer to a business plan question:

Aaron ●      Ask your own questions and be involved – Since Quora is a professional community your business should be regularly engaging here with your own questions as well as ‘upvoting’ and thanking others for providing their answers. The more often you provide questions and answers to the more followers you will attract.

Using Quora for your business is a great way to showcase your knowledge, attract new customers, and connect with other like-minded individuals. Use this platform to learn about creating better content for your blog, increasing website traffic, and growing your presence online.

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