Susan Gilbert
October 5, 2015

How a Sales Funnel Can Generate More Sales From Your Website

Your business may have a lot of traffic coming into your website, but how are you converting these prospects into sales?

An interested reader is more likely to make a purchase, especially through great content that they want to pass along to others. For example, marketing firm, Quicksprout, reported that they received 2,033 leads from their blog posts.

A sales funnel can help create a business strategy that not only captures more leads, but also encourages them to make a purchase. This increases your visibility and repeat customers who will provide great word of mouth marketing and free advertising.

It’s important to understand the types of followers who may be interested in your products or services with the beginning category being “leads.” These are the people who may have shown and interest, but have not made the decision to make a purchase yet. After capturing their information the next step would be to turn these into “qualified leads.” This can be narrowed down according to interest, website behavior, demographics, ect. Finally, “prospects” come out of company communication and nurturing, many of which will generate a sale.

Over time the sales funnel process has changed to a “non linear” one according to an article by BrightInfo:


This means that leads can come from a number of sources with a business blog and social media presence being two of the largest. There are a few key areas to focus on in creating the right strategy for your business:

● Content that appeals to your audience’s needs and desires
● How-to videos and infographics
● A compelling brand or product story
● High-value incentives such as a free book or report

Depending on what your business has the offer your sales funnel may look very different than from another brand. Keep in the mind that the first impression is the most important element in your approach, and that your website, content, and images should all be optimized for a large, and growing mobile audience.

As awareness and education is established capturing leads is another important element to this process after your leads have evaluated what you have to offer them. This can be done through a value-driven optin form or page, a contest run through your blog and/or on social media, and through networking and webinar events. By staying in communication with a regular email campaign your business can grow these prospects who can later be converted into sales.

In the final stages of a sales funnel your business builds trust through a regular, streamlined approach, which can work well in building more trust as you monitor and adjust your progress. A customer who has made a commitment is more likely to become a loyal and repeat buyer in the future.

Engage on your blog and on social media on a regular business to maintain your relationships by asking questions, solving problems, participating in groups, and responding to feedback on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. As your business learns more about its customers you will be better able to offer them products or services that they will want to purchase.

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