Susan Gilbert
December 2, 2014

Get Your Business Calendar Under Control

As we come to a close in 2014 it’s time to reflect on our business productivity and accomplishments throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to check out your calendar and learn what needs to stay and what can be trimmed.

According to a 2013 report by the Standish Group less than one third of all projects were finished on time, and were over budget. Time management is a big factor in this equation with social networks like Facebook and Twitter being at the top of the list.

In fact, conducted a survey of more than 1,000 participants in 2012 and found that 15 percent of people felt that Facebook was at the top their list for wasting time in their day.

Are you missing important deadlines?

How about finding enough time for important meetings with prospects?

Our schedules are busy enough each day, especially for those who are juggling both work and family. Fifteen to twenty years ago we didn’t have things like social media to think about and manage. Email has also grown to become a big time suck in our day. It’s important to be smart with our schedules, and not stuff in too many tasks in at once.

Remember when calendars were still popular for business? There are many business owners who might think it is too difficult to create and manage, but in actuality your day is simplified with automation. When you take the time to create a schedule this actually frees up your time for more important tasks.

Here are several ways that a calendar can help your business take back your schedule and become more productive:

● Consider sharing your calendar – Email is still great for communication, but when it comes to setting up an important meeting or event those back-and-forth messages can really waste your day. Use services like Google Calendar or Time Trade to easily connect with people in your network and share information.


● Focus and prioritize your tasks – Each day place on your calendar only the items that are to be done that are most important. According to Getting Things Done® founder, David Allen, this is the way to stay most productive. Instead of creating a to-do list of tasks your time should be spent on scheduled appointments. This will help you focus and complete the work that needs to be done, and free up your day for more important things in your business.

● Plan for the long-term – A successful business will have its goals mapped out well ahead of time, which can be placed in a calendar for reference. Not only can your team see what’s coming up next, but there will be no surprises or tasks missed. This doesn’t have to be carved in stone as you allow changes to be made along the way.

Creating a calendar for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science. Not only does this help you manage your time better, but also improves communication and productivity that can be wasted by not being focused. Consider having someone help you create and manage a schedule for you, and enjoy more time to build your company.

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