Susan Gilbert
May 18, 2015

Find the Right Meme that Fits Your Business Niche

If your business is looking to bring about more engagement on social media then you might want to try image quotes or memes in your tweets and posts. There are a myriad of resources available for free that will help you create stand-out visuals for your target market.

Sometimes a meme can be humorous while others include inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings. By choosing the right keywords for your niche you can reach your audience in a compelling way that they can relate to.

As a business owner you will want to choose what best fits your mission statement, and add these types of images to your content marketing mix like this blog post from SEOmoz, which features a collection of funny memes:

As you begin to create a meme take into consideration these helpful tips, which will bring the most engagement:

● Adjust the size accordingly – Each social network has its own dimensions set up for images. For example, a post on Instagram is 649 square pixels or 8.889 x 8.889 inches. Facebook and Twitter on the other hand, allow for wider sizes. Tools like Canva and PicMonkey have already done this work for you, and creating the right fit is easy.

● Make it memorable – Find a meme that ties in with your niche, and brings something special to your audience. Richard Branson’s quotes and memes pack a punch like this example from Google Plus:

Richard Branson

● Invoke a response – What are the needs of our audience, and what moves them emotionally? In your target market research discover what drives them to follow a brand and make a purchase, and focus some of your memes around that. People love to receive tips, advice, and be inspired. Here’s a fun example from marketing expert, Kim Garst:

Kim Garst

After honing in on your market take a look around at what others in your industry are posting, paying special attention to the level of engagement on their posts. Many businesses are using watermarks on their images, and this is a great way to bring more visibility to your brand. This can be as simple as a website address or the inclusion of your company’s logo.

When posting memes for your business keep in the mind the posting times for each social network, and monitor the response from your community. As you continue in this process you will notice a pattern that works for you, and what your fans and followers are commenting and sharing on the most. Use scheduling software like Hootsuite and Buffer to post to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus Pages. Not all social network communities are the same, and so your business will need to pay attention to the types of posts for your niche in each one in order to reach the most people.

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