Norman Arvidsson
April 5, 2016

7 Inspiring Tips about Visual Content Marketing

To achieve the goals of visual content marketing, a high-quality strategy is a must in today’s world. However, it’s also very important to consider the distribution of this marketing plan. It needs to reach out the appropriate audience to receive the best results.

For social media, it has evolved into more of the content being visual and it’s a helpful way for marketing and branding. It may attract more traffic to the site and increase sharing. There are many ways to make use of visual marketing on all social media platforms. If a marketer is interested in taking it to the next level, this may create more clicks, shares, interaction, and conversions.

However, because it takes longer to create this type of message, some people, who are new to this, only use it in a small part of their marketing. If image marketing is being used, it should be consistent and strong with stunning visuals. It’s something to consider in a new marketing plan.

Being able to manage the different kinds of subject matter is a new challenge for business owners. Now they need to think and act as a publisher does. Try these steps to become more creative in making content more receptive to the audience without spending too much time on it.

1. List 10 Ideas and How to Use Them


The first step is to make a list of roughly ten ideas for visuals and for some reasons, certain people fail in this first step. Keep criticism at bay and don’t worry if some of the ideas aren’t up to par. Include, in this list, different methods to use videos, infographics, slideshows, comics, etc. Now there are ten or more pieces and different ways these can be used in the marketing plan.

Take a look at some visual content from the competitors and check out what is being shared the most. The idea is to learn what does and doesn’t work and what is popular with the audiences. Incorporate this information into the list and see what will match well with what’s on the list.

2. Research Resources


This step involves researching for resources to use in marketing the visual matter. Look for sources that offer:

  • Background photography
  • Original photography
  • Black and white photographs

Also, if they are going to be used, research for market stats and surveys, numbers, hosting stats, charts, etc.

3. Tools of the Trade


Every artist needs good tools to create a fantastic work of art. There’s an array of tools out there that make the creating process go a lot faster. By using some of these tools, the end product will be produced with high-quality. These are some of the best ones available today:

  • Screenomatic
  • Canva
  • Pikochart

There are a lot more websites featuring additional tools, and it’s worth the time it takes to research them.

4. Posting Schedule


This step involves setting a schedule for posting on the different social media platforms. By making and following this schedule, the productivity will improve. There are certain days and times when it’s best to post, and not all of the platforms have the same results. The sites will show how to get the best results by posting in their “prime” time. Take this information into consideration when planning the schedule.

By following this schedule, there’s no guesswork on when to publish a blog, share on social media platforms, and when to re-post or re-share a blog. It’s also a good idea to create extras to schedule it for the future. This will take care of any time taken for vacation or just a day off.

5. Set a Routine


Everyone knows that it always takes longer to finish something when there are interruptions. Set a specific time to work and stick to it. It may be just two hours on two days of the week but make sure it’s the same time each day that’s scheduled. Eventually, it becomes a routine which allows for your project to be done more productively.

It might be a good idea to disconnect the phone, close social media sites, turn off the smartphone, and put on some soothing music to work by.

6. Make Plans for Marketing


Visual content marketing is the part of the process that consumes most of the time. There are so many things to do like posting blogs on different social media platforms and notifying people as to the new publication. Then there’s the engaging and interacting with visitors and followers. And that’s not counting how much time it takes to boost SEO.

On the bright side, there are tools that will save a lot of this time. There are some that can make things easier with the scheduling and posting process. They can even use the best times for posting and do it automatically on different platforms. There are others that give a recent showing of the progress made on the social networks.

7. Repeat for the Next Campaign


When beginning again, start with step one but use new information. Every time this process kicks off, it’s a brand new marketing campaign. There will be obvious patterns that will influence this next endeavor. What worked and what didn’t are apparent which saves time in this round. Now all that needs to be done is adding the new content.

This is also a good time to consider using older postings again. There are always some people who didn’t see it the first time. Or, take an old post and revise it with new information.

In Closing:

Remember that images are very effective on social media and thousands upon thousands of people look at them every day. They’re easier to understand and are more memorable than text alone. Furthermore, visual content marketing is about getting the info shared with others. And, in order to get shared, the reader has to get past the headline. You need to grab their attention from the moment their eyes hit the page with your headline.

This type of marketing will, overall, draw over 90% more viewers than content without any visuals. So, try to include at least one image in every blog that’s posted. Likewise, insert smaller images, between each paragraph, in a blog with a good deal of text. Entice your readers with infographics, photos, and video. Then watch your traffic increase along with the shares.


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