Andy Capaloff
May 14, 2014

Is Crowdsourcing The Cure For Your Ever Shrinking Day?

How Busy Are You?

You’re busy.  You’re really, really busy!  You don’t need me or anyone else to remind you of just how busy you are.

You may just recognize aspects of your day/your life in this Infographic.  Longer days, less sleep, less vacations.

You know it isn’t good for you! This article from Inc. adds a certain perspective to just how bad your ever-expanding work day is for your performance, likening it to working while under the influence of alcohol.

Is it going to get easier?  Do I need to answer that, lol?

Big Data Will Not Make Your Work Day Any Shorter

It used to be the ‘must be there’ flavour of the week social network that added to your already packed work day.  Now, as you’re all too aware, there’s Big Data and the Analytics thereof.

You know you will need to get on the bandwagon sooner or later and that the hours needed to usher it into your setup will not somehow invent themselves.

This article from, begins “Initiating a big data analytics solution can vary in time from as little as a few week to a multi-year effort.” before giving some excellent tips on how to get started.  But those timeframes?

Entrepreneurship’s decline is gathering pace

Through all of this, and contrary to a belief I held, entrepreneurship is waning.

Start-ups on the decline

Crowdsourcing To the Rescue!

Somehow, given the above, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

Relief is at hand though, albeit through a major if necessary change in the way we work.

Although Ross Dawson wrote his book Getting Results From Crowds almost 4 years ago, crowdsourcing is now gaining traction as the new way to do business.

Simply put, the market place is tougher now than it has ever been and that upward curve is not about to dip any time soon.  As this article from The Marketing Donut explains:

You must think like your customer and be true to your own brand when choosing companies to collaborate with.

Ultimately you are not the only small business owner who wouldn’t have the time to do everything, even if you happened to be the rare genius who actually can do just about everything. 

  • Identify people who are good at the things you simply don’t have an aptitude for
  • Rather than offering them money, barter with one or your strengths that they would find equally beneficial

Some of those you collaborate with might appear to be competitors at first glance but are you really going after exactly the same customer base?

Beyond networking, there are now websites such as Brand Gathering, where you can find the perfect businesses to collaborate with.  This is the 43 second promotional for their free site.

The solution is at hand to help you get your life back.  Might it be time to rethink the go it alone strategy?




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Andy Capaloff

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