Susan Gilbert
April 27, 2015

Branded Logos that Work

A logo sends a message and it says far more about your business than you might realize.

It’s more than some pretty colors and fonts.

Perhaps you are creating your first logo and don’t know where to start?

Or, maybe you are ready for a design makeover to improve your business branding.

Either way, a logo for your business is one the most important elements of your company’s design. Not only will this be consistently representing you on your website and social media accounts, but will also become a memorable icon for your audience and customers.

After getting focused on your target market the design process can be narrowed down. For example, if your business sells health products you might want to include colors that include green, blue and white like these examples:




Choosing the right colors for your niche will improve your business’s chances of being seen online. In fact, there is an entire psychology behind color schemes, like in this diagram from an article on Creative Bloq:


Once you narrow the focus on the colors of your logo, the look of your business design is much easier to achieve. Here are two factors to consider that will save you time and money on your graphics budget:

●      Define your business mission – This might be an easy task to accomplish, but this process just might surprise you as your business hones in on an exact target of what you want to portray to the public eye. Depending on your market you may want a more serious image rather than a playful one. Technology companies can move in either direction, while a law firm may want a more sophisticated look. The goal is to be unique and memorable while staying true to your mission statement.

●      Typeface matters – It is amazing how a simple font can make all the difference in the style and look of a business logo. This might take a process of elimination, but is well worth investing the time. The end result could be just a basic look, like these logos from American Airlines and American Eagle:

There are basically several basic styles to choose from when searching for a font, as outlined by Shannon Whealy of Turnaround Design:

1.     Serif fonts have a line at the end of each stroke. Traditional and professional.

2.     Sans serif fonts don’t have that line at the end of each stroke. Crisp and modern.

3.     Script fonts (and italics) are generally formal and decorative. Sophisticated and feminine.

4.     Handwriting fonts tend to be casual and personal. Friendly and approachable.

5.     Display fonts are widely varied in design and style. These can be great choices for text-only logos as they can be so unique.

While creating a branded logo for your business is not an absolute, your website and social media should properly represent what your company is about and be consistent with what you want to represent to the public. Decide to stick with the final product rather than changing every two years or so. Think of your logo as a permanent branded image that people will instantly recognize online and offline. On rare occasions a business will decide to update their branding, but this should be done with caution as it directly affects your persona.

Your business does not have to break the budget these days in order to develop a professional, high-quality logo. If you have a team, gather together and hash out some ideas to start with, or take a look at logos from your competition for more inspiration.  Just make sure you took the first and necessary step of understanding who your target market is and create something that calls to them.

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