Jessica Leone
February 7, 2019

Is The Customer Always Right? [Infographic]

The customer is always right

Through feedback, reviews, and at times a brutally honest opinion, your customer will poke holes in your business and tell you what they need or want. However, people can’t always see beyond what’s directly in front of them.

While you should always hear your customers out, regardless if it’s positive or negative, it doesn’t mean you should spend all your time fixing what they tell you to. It can become an endless cycle. Sometimes as an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s your job to show your customer something even better.

It’s likely you won’t always agree with your customer or their view is somehow impractical for your business. There should be a balance between when you apply your customer feedback and when you move forward.

Consider the scenarios it’s helpful to not listen to your customer:

You want to push the boundaries  

If your product, concept, or idea is unlike any other, it’s helpful to not pay too much attention to the opinion of others. Especially, the criticisms. Sara Blakely, a self-made billionaire and the founder of Spanx, proved this true. She refused to give up on her idea despite the initial criticism and rejection of her brand and has seen enormous success because of it.

You want to shock and surprise

Admit: people love surprises. Mastercard surprises and delights its valued customers by sending unexpected gifts at random all over the world. Gifts ranged from Magnolia Bakery cupcakes to the more luxurious, like VIP concert tickets and celebrity meet-ups. (Editor note: I feel cheated! Where are my gifts? Never had one from them!)

You aim to challenge the norm and disrupt an industry

Airbnb is a perfect example of challenging the norm. It disrupted the hospitality industry by offering travelers an option to stay in someone else’s home. Seems crazy, right? Yet, it’s wildly successful, giving people a way to experience the local culture in an authentic way.

For more on this, check out the helpful infographic by Valpak on when not to listen to your customer. It includes company scenarios, helpful solutions, and types of customers you may face along the way. Consider this food for thought as you look for ways to grow or expand your business.

Source: Valpak

Over To You

Do you have any experiences of customer advice you couldn’t take? Please share your experiences in the comments section, below. Thanks!


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