Susan Gilbert
November 15, 2016

12 Great Tools To Boost Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The following is made up of 3 “Monday Tips” articles, each of which talks about 4 helpful tools around a specific area of your business. Today’s theme is around Content Marketing. The subjects are:

  • Content Marketing Process
  • Content Generation
  • Visual Content

4 Content Marketing Resources to Improve Your Process

1) Create and publish trending content – Content Launch

Manage your content all from one place. Content Launch allows you to focus on the performance of your articles and shows you what is working and what is not. The software helps you stay organized and produce content in an efficient and timely manner. Use this tool to plan your topics, analyze data, keep track of the latest industry trends, and much more.


2) Easy access to a skilled, professional workforce – CrowdSource

If you need to hire someone to help you with writing, transcription, moderation, and data then this resource can provide those services for your business. CrowdSource includes a large database of qualified talent across multiple channels and countries. Workers are fully trained before starting tasks who are accountable to trusted reviewers to make the process the best it can be. This is a cost-effective solution to hiring more staff or finding freelancers who may not be qualified.


3) World-class content from the best writers – Ebyline

If your business has not been able to successfully find the person to create professional articles for your niche then this smart service can help. Ebyline is a resource that connects you with the to authors who write original and fresh content that your audience will want to read. There are over 2,000 freelancers to choose from who have worked with top publishers like ESPN, Self Magazine, NPR, and more. Payment can be made through the tool and provides the necessary 1099s forms for tax purposes.


4) Attract a larger audience with interactive content – Ion Interactive

Would you like to increase your subscribers and conversion rates by going beyond text, video and images? Ion Interactive provides interactive experiences that encourage engagement without the need for coding. The intuitive tool helps you create white papers, infographics, contests, and more with simple customization. This resource will save you hours while providing the best content your audience will love.


Generate Fresh Content With These 4 Resources

1) Find trending content – Ruzzit

Sharing content that your audience loves is not difficult to curate with this great website. Ruzzit allows you to easily search for the latest videos, images, and news. Find out what’s been trending in the last six hours all the way up to the last two years. Know how your community is responding from a ranking score along with social sharing data.


2) Get the most relevant industry news – Smart Brief

If you need better insights into what is going on in your market, but don’t have the time to conduct research then you will enjoy this great resource. Smart Brief is a B2B digital media company that combines technology and editorial knowledge. Each day thought leaders and executives turn to this company to get the latest information that matters to their community and businesses.


3) Find trends, content, and influencers – Epictions

If your business has not been able to successfully find the right leaders and articles for your niche then this simple tool can help. Epictions is a resource that helps you easily share the latest trends and stories along with the top influencers who post them. Use their keyword search tool, and gain valuable insights in your industry all for free.


4) Gather relative and timely articles to share – ContentGems

Would you like to be able to find the best content for your target market with easy sharing features? ContentGems helps you discover what is most popular from the best online resources. The intuitive platform provides a large selection of ideas to choose from based on keywords and smart filters. This resource will save you hours while providing the latest industry news that your audience will love.


Increase Your Visibility with These 4 Visual Content Tools

1) Storytelling photos and video – Slidely

Create and share stunning photo and video collections your audience will love. Slidely helps you create storytelling shows that can be shared to social media. Use the tool to produce a powerful promo for your business or to help tell your brand’s message with photos, a collection of photos, and video. Both a personal and business version are available.


2) Easy photo collages – Photovisi

Share a series of photos from a business event or for a new product launch. Photovisi is a great way to engage your audience through a series of images. The tool is free to use with professional quality templates and designs to choose from. Get started right away from your computer and choose from a large selection of categories such as a YouTube banner and Facebook cover.


3) Engage through video – Rapt Media

If your business wants to hook your reader’s attention through video marketing then this tool will help you achieve that. Rapt Media is a great way to create an interactive experience that will both entertain and teach. Use this visual resource to encourage your audience to become more involved with your content in a creative way.


4) Beautiful marketing videos – Promo

Would you like to be able to create a professional video advertisement on a small budget? Promo allows your business to build and share a high quality promo with licensed music, special effects, and a built-in text editor. Use this tool from the makers of Slidely to produce a product teaser, promote a sale, increase engagement, and more.


Over To You

Do you have any experiences with the above tools that you’d like to share?  Are there any tools in the above categories which you think our readers should know about? Please leave your comment, below.


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