Susan Gilbert
November 23, 2015

Attract More Followers For Your Business with Live Streaming

If your business has hosted an online webinar or podcast then you will know that it can be a challenge to attract an audience even after sharing your event ahead of time on social media. Live streaming helps bring your broadcast together instantly with more interested viewers than ever.

Traditionally live video interviews and events had worked well with Google Hangouts when this feature was connected Google Plus. As the slow application became a separate entity like Facebook Messenger businesses started turning to alternatives such as Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab.

Mobile viewers are an increasingly growing trend to tap into especially, according to his study by Ooyala:


A live broadcast is a great way for your business to show the personal side of your brand while providing an opportunity to give your customers an inside look behind the products or services that they love.

Building a trusted brand with stories and showcasing the real people behind the business is what gets an audience’s attention these days. Communication and feedback are in real time, which also helps you answer and solve problems a lot quicker than with tweets or post replies.

Where to start?

Your business can host a live streaming event in several creative ways depending on your niche including:

● Bringing your audience into the inner workings of your business
● Expert interviews
● Product demonstrations
● Event updates such as a conference
● Question and answer time with your customers
● Topic discussions based on previously published content

One of the biggest differences between a live video versus a pre-recorded one is that your business will not be able to edit the recording. What you see is what you get. But this can be a benefit to your audience as they see your company as people just like them.

While many services offer the ability to save and store videos, others may not. Check with each network to learn more about their process. Your business live streaming event can be cross promoted in a blog post and on social media ahead of schedule in order to attract the most viewers.

Before diving into your first event do a few test runs privately to become familiar with the process. Invite your friends, employees, or coworkers in on the video to get feedback and suggestions. For the most part the process is straightforward and simple and works well with quality devices, lighting, and sound.

If you’re not sure of which live streaming video service to begin with Brian Fanzo of iSocialFanz has put together a great list here. Remember that the best experience will be the one in which your business appears ‘real’ and not scripted or polished. And don’t worry about making mistakes as this is to be expected in a live video event.

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