Anna Fox
December 21, 2021
Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy With Blog Content

Short on time to create new content for your email subscribers? Read on for five ways to spin blog content into engaging emails.

Do you have trouble coming up with great content to use for your email marketing? If so, then consider ways to integrate your current content marketing efforts (blog posts, guest posts, etc.) into your email.

In this post, we will show you five that will help boost your email marketing strategy and get more mileage for your content simultaneously.

1. Share Your Posts in a Newsletter

If you want to create a consistent email schedule with your subscribers, newsletters are the obvious solution. You will get into a routine of creating a newsletter weekly or monthly (weekly for best results) and your subscribers will begin to expect to see updates from you on a consistent basis.

You can utilize your blog content to create valuable, informative newsletters without having to create a new piece of long-form content. Simply find a great newsletter template from your email marketing service provider and plug in your latest blog content. You can use your newsletter to promote blog posts on your website as well as blog posts you contribute to other industry publications.

If you don’t have enough content to create a newsletter, consider a curated newsletter. An example of this would be the Moz Top 10. While they certainly have enough blog posts to have a newsletter full of their own content, they choose to curate the top 10 posts about marketing from around the web. The result is a highly popular newsletter in which they can also plug in one or two of their own blog posts for email promotion.

Moz top 10

As an added bonus, email marketing service providers offer newsletter tips and templates to which their customers can submit their newsletters. This is a great place to go to find inspiration from companies in your industry for the design and content for your own newsletter.

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2. Promote Your Posts in Individual Emails

Another way to keep your email list alive is to promote your latest blog posts in individual emails as you publish them. Many email marketing service providers offer an RSS-to-email feature that will enable you to create a template that is used each time you publish a new blog post.

This feature enables you to promote your new blog post and update your email subscribers automatically. So instead of worrying about updating your blog and your email subscribers, you just have to update your blog. Here’s an easy guide on how to set up this kind of newsletter easily.

3. Use Older Posts as Lead Magnets to Get Email Subscribers

Blog posts can help you do more than just update your email subscribers—they can help you capture them as well. One way to do this with minimal work is to find some of your most popular older blog posts and use them as lead magnets.

For example, if you have a list of more than 200 online marketing tools buried in your archives from two or three years ago, there’s little chance anyone is going to dig through your archives to find it.

So you can put an opt-in form on your blog that says “Subscribe and receive our free list of 200+ online marketing tools recommended by the experts.” When people subscribe to your list, you email them a link to your awesome blog post. One of these widgets will help you set this up pretty easily.

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4. Add Lead Magnets to Older Posts to Get Email Subscribers

Another option to get email subscribers is to add a lead magnet to your popular pieces of content. For example, let’s say that you have a how-to post on creating a content audit spreadsheet that is still getting tons of traffic.

Create an example spreadsheet on Google Drive and place an opt-in form in the middle of your post that says, “Download our content audit spreadsheet to start your content audit today.” It’s a small addition to your already valuable content that will boost your email subscribers. Here’s a good example of that tactic in action.

You can use tools like BuzzSumo to locate your most popular posts and edit them to include a useful lead magnet as a content upgrade. You should also research your popular posts using the Top Pages report in Google Analytics as well as see what posts on your website rank well in search and get a high number of impressions using the Search Queries report in Google Search Console.

From there, you can use Text Optimizer to create long-form content that can act as a lead magnet. The tool allows you to expand your content by identifying related concepts and entities:


5. Use Older Posts to Create an Autoresponder Series

Last, but not least, you can take a series of older blog posts that you have in your archives and turn them into an autoresponder series for your email list. So instead of having to create an ebook or whitepaper as the lead magnet, you can advertise a free seven-day course on a specific topic.

Copy the content from the seven relevant blog posts for your autoresponder series, paste it into an email template, and you have a series of emails that will get visitors to your website on your email list and immediately engaged.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, there are several ways to use content to enhance your email marketing strategy and email to enhance your content marketing strategy. If you’ve integrated your content and email marketing strategies, share your results in the comments!

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