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January 9, 2018

5 Steps to Writing Effective Social Media Content

Effective Social Media Content

To write effective social media content that is effective and attracts a growing audience, you will need to develop a good social media strategy. The strategy need not be complex. It should be simple and clear as well as practical. With this, your online business will improve drastically.

You just have to piece every single detail together perfectly to produce excellent work. Statistics show that social media platforms have 2.8 billion users globally, so imagine how many people could potentially read your content.

What do we mean by social media strategy? This is simply a process of planning, developing, and managing your content delivery in social media. Its aim is delivering the needs of social media users effectively.

Here are some of our best and most effective steps:

My Audience and What they Need

Almost anyone can gain access to your social media content. The question is, are these people likely to be interested in your work? Will it resonate with them? Will it compel them to return to your blog or follow you on Social Media?

The best way to go about this is by settling on a target audience. This can be, for example, university students in need of tips on student life among other issues. Take note that every audience is unique. Therefore you have to find a way of hitting the right buttons. Research has shown that 71% of social media consumers are likely to recommend brands they have access to. This goes to show how important getting the right readers is.

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, you need to research the kind of information that group may be seeking and thus become relevant to them. The format by which you relay your work is also part of knowing your readers. If they prefer video content for instance, then offer them that. Whichever format they prefer, ensure that you deliver perfectly. One of the many advantages of this step is that it ensures that your content meets the expectations of your readers thus keeping them hooked to your work.

Frequency of Content Publishing

This is a hard issue to figure out and obviously very debatable. Frequency is a function of the expectations of the readers and the objectives that you have for your search engine results. The more often you publish, the more content you will have online… and therefore, the more presence as well. You should, however, ensure that the quantity of your work corresponds with its quality. More good content will also ensure that you move up the results on the search engine.

If your readers prefer weekly releases, then make sure that you meet that expectation to keep them interested. Don’t simply guess as to how often they need content – you’re likely to be wrong! Just ask them by requesting them to make comments on the same.

Aligning Business Objectives with Social Media Content

It is quite easy to forget that you have a business to run when you have to focus on your content and the reader’s needs. Your content strategy should be in line with the objectives of your business at all times. You have to align the content aspect of your work in such a manner that it will support your objectives. For this to succeed, a clear understanding of those goals is paramount.

Posting Powerful Content

OK, this is an obvious step. But it is also the most important. The content you write and post is paramount to driving interest in and a following for your work. Therefore, strive to have appealing and entertaining content at all times. This will also strengthen your brand and improve your business.

You can also capture readers with eye-catching images that illustrate your points, as well as asking them to comment and make suggestions.

Identify and Explore Possibilities

Always be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and explore all the possibilities. For example, learn something about new technologies and illustrate your work with videos and case studies.

Be sure to be ahead of your competition, rather than always following their lead. So stay up with and inform yourself on trends.


You can write great social media content by aligning your material with your business objectives. Get to know the needs of your readers and feed them the content they need, that will keep them interested.

Do you want to share your experience in content writing? Please leave your comment, below.

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